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OWN. RACE. EARN. The future of digital racehorse ownership is here. Race your way to the top and build your legacy today.


What is Zed Run ?

ZED RUN is a blockchain-based game that uses NFTs to represent a horse. 

Each horse has its own unique characteristics, meaning you could end up with a champion stallion, or perhaps your horse is better equipped to be a stud. Just as in real life, building a successful horse and stable will take time, investment, and careful attention to the details

First of all, you should know upfront it’s going to cost you some money to get started. You’ll have to purchase a horse, spending anywhere between a couple of hundred of dollars ($US) and perhaps as much as several thousands. Although ZED has its own marketplace, it is perpetually sold-out due to the high demand for horses at the moment. I bought my horse, COFFEE STAIN, via OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs. You can also find horses available through discord, and via the knowyourhorse website. The horses are transferable, so you could possibly be gifted a horse, or maybe win a horse in one of ZED’s airdrops.

Next, you’ll need a MetaMask wallet to accomplish any of this. If you’re not familiar with MetaMask, it is an Ethereum wallet that works as an extension to your web browser, allowing you to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll also need to fund this wallet with some ETH

To Build a Stable of Horse, You First Need WETH

Choosing Your Horses

1) Bloodline, 2) Genotype, and 3) Breed Type.


There are four bloodlines that exist within the ZED universe, each with their own characteristics. As in real life, one’s bloodline is the baseline upon which your horse’s performance will be based. However, the bloodline is only one aspect of your horse’s makeup, meaning that a Buterin may outperform a Nakamato on any given day.

  • Nakamato — the rarest of thoroughbreds given that they are the purest racehorses. They are super-rare and command the highest price

    Szabo — next in the bloodline hierarchy. They are also relatively rare, but also more affordable
  • Finney — although further down the hierarchy, the Finney and Buterin bloodlines are able to hold their own against their competitors.
  • Buterin — The Buterin bloodline is the most common breed and are naturally healthy, sturdy and quick on their feet.


    2. Genotype:

    Genotype refers to the Z number of a horse; thoroughbreds range from Z1 to Z268. The lower the Z number, the purer the horse. Genesis (original bloodline) horses are always Z1 — Z10, but non-Genesis horses (offspring) can also have Z numbers below 10 (due to parents’ Z numbers). And again, a low Z number doesn’t always translate to a better racer (although your chances are better).

    3. Breed type:

    There are six breeds within the ZED ecosystem. In order of rarity, they are: Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross and Pacer.

    Genesis horses are acquired via drops, and are the purest breed type and the most desired horses. However, there is a fixed number of these horses (38,000) and once they are sold, no more will be minted.

    4. Gender:

    Gender plays a role in a horse’s breeding. Male horses charge a fee for being the stud, while the female horse’s owner keeps the offspring. Currently, males can produce up to 3 children per month, while female horses can only give birth to one horse per month.

  • Colt — a male horse that has no children
  • Stallion — a male horse that has offspring
  • Philly — a female horse that has no children
  • Mare — a female horse that has offspring
  • 5. Coat Color:

    There are 7 coat color groups: Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic and Mystical. Each group can affect the temperament and personality of a horse, however it does not affect a horse’s performance.

    Each group is broken down into three tiers: Super Rare, Rare, and Common


Currently, it is the top-ranked NFT horse racing game embedded on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. You can view the entire Zed Run collection on its website or OpenSea and follow its burgeoning community on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook for the latest updates.

Is Zed run a good NFT?

What company owns Zed run?

Virtually Human Studio

Virtually Human Studio, the parent company of NFT racing game Zed Run, raised $20 million.


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