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What is Vulcan Forged?

Designed as an easy-to-play and easy-to-build ecosystem, Vulcan Forged is a community-based project that promotes the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through its development programs, incubation and crowdfunding.

For blockchain game enthusiasts, Vulcan Forged is a one-stop-shop where they can access popular games and a huge NFT marketplace to buy and sell digital assets in-game. The entire ecosystem is powered by its own PYR settlement, staking and utility token. The ERC20 compatible PYR is a cross-platform currency that can be used in game titles that are part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged is already an established non-fungible token (NFT) game studio, marketplace and dApp incubator with 10+ games, a 2,000+ community and top 5 NFT marketplace volume. Thus, the PYR economy is designed to fill numerous use-cases in need of their own token. Some of our games, specifically the upcoming VulcanVerse

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Vulcan.Forged platform (PYR) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the Vulcan.Forged platform, and which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the platform and across different game environments.

PYR Token is an ERC20 token to be ported to Matic. As the native platform currency, PYR will play the role of the settlement medium, staking (for privileges) and gaming utility token within the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. For example, a user could purchase assets of VulcanVerse from PYR token rewards earned by winning a game of Berserk, Block Babies or Coddle Pets. For every PYR transaction, 10% will be sent to the reward pools for distribution to ecosystem contributors.

There are innumerable use-cases for PYR, and will slowly replace VET as the marketplace token of choice.

PYR allows the users of the platform to earn from their positive efforts, and thoroughly increase user engagement within the platform. It will be used for fee settlement, staking to obtain privileges, participation in Defi game launchpads, play-toearn benefits, gaming platform pools, and discounted marketplace usage.

Fee settlement
Play-to-Earn Reward pools
Staking Frenzy (Game Tournament Pools)
Basic attention token
Community incentives

PYR Token

Fee Settlement

Whenever players are operating in a specific game environment, there are assets that they might want to purchase directly from game creators. The current Vulcan Forged marketplace will be transitioning away from its current token of VET for NFT purchases to PYR. This will be for both B2C and C2C.

Currently, the marketplace consistently places in the top 5 NFT marketplace volumes across the blockchain space. Thus due to traffic, the transition will take place in two stages:

1) Both PYR and VET will be used in parallel. However, a 10% discount for buyers and 10% discount for sellers will be granted if PYR is used.
2) Following the complete transition from VET to PYR, users will be required to adopt the Vulcan Forged wallet, powered by Arkane, that will allow them to store, interact and use both their PYR and NFTs.

Vulcan Foundation will fund two PYR reward pools, with 10M initial tokens, released over a 24 month period. One pool is the ‘LAVA Pool’ (Play-to-earn) and the other a Staking Pool. Along with the foundation’s contributions, the pools will be added to four ways (for now), each time equally divided between the two:

1) 10% of the fee taken from every Vulcan Marketplace transaction will go into the pools.
2) 10% of every fee taken from direct asset sales (Berserk cards, or Vulcanites for example) will go into both pools.
3) 50% of every upgrade fee for land, Titans and Olympians will go into both pools.
4) 10% of every prize pool and tournament fee setup in the Frenzy game platform will go into both pools.

Reward Pools

Titans and Olympians

Titans and Olympians are DYNAMIC NFT companions. That means their look and level can change depending on the amount of PYR locked into them. They are your companions across the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem and offer numerous benefits. In order to ‘age’ one of the 12 Titans or one of the 12 Olympians, you must nurture them with PYR along with a fee per upgrade. 50% of that fee will go to the reward pools.

Here are some of the benefits Titans and Olympians provide:

1) 10%-70% off marketplace fees for any Titan/Olympian. These are non-stackable. For example, if you have nurtured your baby Hyperion to God mode (level 7), you will receive 70% discount on marketplace sales.

2) 10% - 70% extra LAVA when LAVA is earned by playing games. These are non-stackable. For example you have won a game of Berserk and are owed 10 LAVA, you will receive 17 LAVA if you have a Level 7 Zeus attached to your wallet.

3) 10%-70% extra rewards from any staked PYR. For example, you have one plot of level 7 land in VulcanVerse which contains 1000 PYR staked. If you assign a level 7 Titan to that land, you will receive rewards as if you are staking 1700 PYR. N.B. You can assign only ONE Titan or Olympian to a plot of land. The exceptions are Zeus and Cronus, both of which can have their multipliers added to 3 plots.

4)  Access to Elysium (Level 7 only). If you own a Titan or Olympian, you are allowed access to a heavenly island within VulcanVerse. Here, you can forage NFTs exclusive to the ‘Vaults of Vulcan’. The land cannot be owned by users, but contains NFTs and PYR pits that can be only be foraged there. It’s also the only place in VulcanVerse where you can enter even if you don’t own land.


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