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Uttopion is a metaverse without barriers. It creates exclusive content in personalized and on-demand spaces.


What is uttopion?

  1. Uttopion is a mettaverse full of possibilities where we connect uttopians, metastreamers and brands in customized spaces. When accessing Uttopion you will appear in the Welcome Plaza, from there you can access through magical portals into 2 thematic spaces: Musichood (the world of music) and Sportsvilla (the world of sports).

    Connect with your friends or your community in a simple way. Presale of 1.000 unique plots in Musichood and Sportsvilla Spain. Uttopion is not just any metaverse. We are the meTTaverse, and that's how the entire Uttopion community expresses it.

    Why do we write it with double t?

    The double tt forms the letter Pi (π). A letter of the Greek alphabet that represents infinity and this reflects the Uttopion community, where there is space for everyone and always remains united. Furthermore, Pi represents a constant number, just as Uttopion is: a constantly evolving mettaverse where connections are constant, discovery of new content is constant, security and freedom are constant...

    What can you do there?

    Create your avatar, customize your virtual home, attend different artistic, musical or sport events from any kind of device, interact with users and be a Meta streamer of metaveros. Invite your fans to your home and monetize subscriptions, create your virtual space, upload content and share all your talent with the community. If you are a brand, you can create your virtual space, sell digital and real items, make product placement and exclusive activations for your target. Here anyone can be a meta star, you take control and you can feel safe and free within it.

Buy one or several plots in our Sportsvilla or Musichood worlds.
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Build a virtual replica of a club, concert hall, stadium or festival. Sell tickets or create unique experiences for your customers and fans.

Your land is an NFT secured by a unique code through a digital contract. As it is your property, you will be able to exploit it, sell it or rent it.


What can you do?

1. Uttopians: create your own avatar, customize your condo, attend music and sport events from any device, chat with friends or talk with your voice…
2. Metastreamers: invite your fans to your condo, monetize with subscribers, create your own virtual space, upload content and share your talent with your friends and community.
3. Brands: create your own amazing virtual space, sell digital and real items, carry out product placement and exclusive activations for your target.


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