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This startup was born with the idea of providing tools to encourage traffic to the metaverse. They intend to represent a meeting point, a union, and help the different realities to be linked.


What is Union Avatars?

Create your realistic avatar from a single selfie

We are providing a realistic full body character creator tool to improve your experience in your favourite virtual worlds and metaverse.

Go to avatar creator here : Avatar Creator

Our vision is to become the connector between realities and Metaverses, promoting the conversion from 2D to 3D and the mobility between social networks. We are ready to blur the thick line that currently divides the real world from the virtual one.

Our vision

Realistic low-poly and rigged avatars

Our realistic models contain a smaller number of polygons to use in real time applications, perfect for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), video games and metarverse. Save time and cost developing avatars and use our 3D models for your project.

Use our SDK to easily create and upload the avatars in your platform or game

Allow users to create photorealistic avatars and use them in your platform.
Improve the user experience and increase the engage with your clients.
Save time, cost and resources for the avatars and NPC’s of your game.
We provide an easy-to-use API for your software.

Are you interested in using Union Avatars in your platform?

Why Union Avatars


Allowing your users to project their identity on your platform is unique.


Personalized avatar and visual content will increase the engagement of your platform.

Cost effectiveness

Reduce your time to market by creating customized avatars and NPCs for your platform.


Get revenues on avatar skins and assets in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency



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