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What is Taurion?

Taurion is a fully decentralised, highly complex, true blockchain game.

As a genre it can be considered an MMORTS / MMORPG.

It has a fully player driven economy where players can: Mine, refine, research, build, upgrade, craft, strategise, ally, kill, steal, drive vehicles, explore, plan, earn, trade, transport, and much more.

Taurion is fully decentralised and autonomous so it can never be shut down. Consequently, you will always be able to use your Taurion assets and they will always have at least that nominal value for being able to be used.

Do I truly own my in-game assets like in other blockchain games?

How do I get some CHI to play Taurion?

You can purchase CHI on an exchange. Liquid and Citex list CHI.

Liquid: https://app.liquid.com/exchange/CHIBTC

Citex: https://trade.citex.io/trade/CHI_BTC

It depends. The chances of you being able to make money while playing Taurion are proportional to how well Taurion does and how many people play it. Or, in other words, the larger the Taurion economy, the more potential for earning there is.

So, make sure to invite all your friends!

I heard about play-2-earn and Human Mining. Can I make money playing Taurion?

What are the Houses?

The Houses are 3 different factions in the game. When you play Taurion with a new Xaya name (your Taurion account), you must choose 1 of 3 Houses. They have different properties, strengths, and weaknesses.


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