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What is Sensorium Corporation?

Founded in 2018 by Forbes-listed billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, Sensorium Corporation overviews the technological development of the Sensorium Galaxy platform and supplies it with a wide range of events and experiences through top-tier global content partnerships.

Under the umbrella of Sensorium Corporation, leading VR and AI players come together to create and deliver the most remarkable virtual experiences.

Since its foundation, Sensorium Corporation has raised over $100 million in private investments, making it one of the world’s best-funded startups in the VR space.

Sensorium Galaxy is a social VR platform that brings people closer together through immersive high-end events and entertainment.

As its name suggests, Sensorium Galaxy consists of multiple worlds. Each world in the galaxy acts as a content hub for specific types of activities. The first two worlds of Sensorium Galaxy are Prism and Motion, which englobe music events and dance performances, respectively. However, the Sensorium Galaxy isn’t limited to these two worlds as the platform plans to host over a dozen different locations for users to explore.

What is Sensorium Galaxy?

What can users do in Sensorium Galaxy?

Before discovering the vast universe of Sensorium Galaxy, users have to create an avatar — a virtual representation of themselves. They can choose one avatar from an extensive library and customize it with X items and visual effects you can purchase to elevate your ‘virtual self’.

Once your avatar is ready, you can explore the different worlds of Sensorium Galaxy, interacting with anyone in this universe through the voice chat feature. Moreover, you can sign up for all the activities that interest you. The galaxy hosts numerous live events, as well as offers an extensive gallery to pick and enjoy on-demand shows.

Sensorium Galaxy is based on a free-to-play model. The core experiences, involving the creation of avatars, the interaction with other users, and the journeys across the multitude of virtual worlds, is free on all hardware platforms.

The business will profit from ticket sales, premium subscriptions, and in-platform merchandise. Since Sensorium Galaxy has partnered with world-acclaimed artists, performers and show producers, a diverse range of high-quality activities are available on a pay-to-join basis. The customization of avatars is also an income stream for Sensorium Galaxy. Users can create unique combinations to showcase their personalities through accessories and visual effects.

What is the business model of Sensorium Galaxy?

How is Sensorium Galaxy different from other social VR platforms?

Joining a virtual environment with others isn’t enough to connect. That’s why Sensorium Galaxy creates VR experiences that people can really enjoy together. Developed in close collaboration with world-famous artists, producers, and media companies, our VR experiences are optimized for social interactions and a lot of fun.

Another distinctive feature of Sensorium Galaxy is freedom. Our platform was created to leverage VR technology and offer users from all over the world freedom to build themselves from scratch, breaking free from earthy limitations. That’s exactly why Sensorium Galaxy has an extensive variety of AAA-quality avatars and add-ons.

That’s not all. We also believe that freedom is about creation. At Sensorium Galaxy, we give you the tools to create your own music, dance performances, and much more. In other words, we want to express yourself, free from any kind of judgments.

Also in Sensorium Galaxy there are stars as important as David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas ....

Artificial intelligence is also a vital element of Sensorium Galaxy. All avatars are powered by AI technology to identity user behavioral patterns and become better virtual representations.


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