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It is a unique cyberpunk P2E blockchain game on Solana developed by Red Door Digital


What is Reign of Terror ?

It is a unique cyberpunk P2E blockchain game on Solana developed by Red Door Digital that weaves DeFi staking mechanics and NFTs into every facet of the game including Agents who run missions in a squad, Crafting (blueprints and manufacturing), Lands and more. Wage war in high stakes gameplay: NFTs can be stolen, ransomed or burned.

Reign of Terror is an MMO simulation game that takes place in a cyberpunk metaverse. Players go through the storyline by completing various types of missions that require collecting a diverse set of NFTs and items, represented as different game elements, such as heroes, units, equipment, blueprints, vehicles, land, a building system and unpredictable units you can bring to the battlefield

Set in a dark and dystopian alternate earth, Reign of Terror takes place in an extremely stratified society where equality is an unknown concept, and the strong prey on the weak. The environment is sacrificed for the sake of profit, and while those on top reap the benefits, those below receive no social support, creating a survival of the fittest society within vertical cities on a near ruined planet.

-Participate in escalating strategic battles -Risk everything in the Terror Zone for awesome rewards – Develop your agents to wield incredible powers
-Form guilds and alliances with access to end game content by staking $ROT
-Separate NFT marketplace providing a place to publish and trade your NFTs
-Lend NFTs to other players to get them started more easily -Explore the crafting system to uncover new technological breakthroughs

Are There Unique Features?

What Is $ROT Token Utility?

-Staking for multiple benefits
-Purchasing items in the in-game NFT marketplace interface
-Exchanging to other crypto currencies


Game currency - Credits can be exchanged for $ROT.

The entire economy encourages players to be socially active by participating in the PvP modes and in the SocialFi mechanics embedded in the Guild and Alliance systems.

Cores are mainly used for upgrading NFT Agents, Buildings, and Blueprints.

Credits are mainly used for exchange into $ROT. The exchange rate is subject to a variety of formulas. Credits exchange to $ROT has a daily limit.

Cores can be interchanged with Credits but at a much lower exchange rate.

The Imperial Pass helps players receive the best experience from the game. Players are enrolled into the Imperial Pass program through staking. Earn passive income while receiving awesome rewards for being active in the game.

In general, Missions provide the parts and blueprints to level up the team's capabilities, moving them along the journey from single play to PvP play on a larger arena of multiple player relationships (like guilds) and the wider NFT Marketplace. Players earn from PvP plays and sales of $ROT. $sROT is a governance token that can be earned through staking $ROT and owning Land NFT. Some players may take a more managerial view of gameplay and organize their own player base through the Lending System.

PvE Missions drop Parts, Items and, occasionally, Cores. In rare Missions, they drop small numbers of Credits. The gameplay limit for Missions is controlled by the Season Pass level.

Game Economy Loop

Land Plots

  • Players can own land plots that provide resources when factory facilities are constructed.

  • Different tiers of land provide different bonuses such as resources and parts.

  • Land plots can be built upon to provide specific additional types of bonuses.

  • Land plots contain 100-1000 energy points. Energy points determine the amount of facilities you can construct in your building as each facility consumes energy points. (more points are expected for lands in the Terror Zone)

  • The land system consists of two types of zones: SAFE ZONE and a TERROR ZONE.

  • Safe Zone lands generally yield less energy points and resources.

  • Land plots producing more resources in the Terror Zone can be raided by other players.

  • Any Guild or Alliance land plots in the Terror Zone can be conquered by other players.

  • Invading forces’ agents have a chance of being captured when they fail to overcome defenses of the territory.



    Failed Terror Zone Land Invasion - Consequences

    The agents s are subject to three options: Execution, Interrogation and Ransom.

    1) Executed agents reduce the enemies morale (70% reduction in effectiveness) for a time period while also reducing the player’s Honor points.

    2) Interrogation reveals the defeated player’s land and defense information and continues to be imprisoned until freed in the PvP Rescue Mission section.

    3) Ransom is based on both parties' agreement while the agent is imprisoned until freed in the PvP Rescue Mission section.



    Safe vs Terror Zone Lands

    In the Safe Zone, lands are basically title deeds to a plot of space among the great city spires. Some plots are located among the monolithic city structure many stories high. Land plot titles are required to be obtained first before any buildings or structures can be placed on them.

    These lands will come with Energy Points which will determine the amount of facilities the building can power. These buildings are forward facing and space for other facilities are constructed into the building.

    All Buildings require a Building Blueprint before they can be constructed. These Blueprints are available in the RoT NFT Marketplaces.

    In Terror Zones, Land plots tend to cover flatter terrain rather than inside the city spires. Building Blueprint NFTs are required for construction with slots of facilities to be designed into it. Surrounding Land will also have slots for other military defenses and security walls.



    Individual vs Guild vs Alliance Land Plots

    Individual Land Plots

    These are plots of Land held in both the Safe and Terror Zone. In the Terror Zone, Land plots can be raided by enemies. After it is raided, a 24-hour protection system is in place for players to repair damage before they become open to attacks again. Raids yield up to 70% of stored Resources.

    Guild & Alliance Land Plots

    These Lands are controlled by the DAO system. Pooled Resources from the Vault are used to purchase Guild and Alliance Land plots which are owned by the respective Guild or Alliance members. Guild- and Alliance-only defenses and other facilities are allowed to be constructed on these plots of Land. Lands in the Terror Zone, however, can be conquered by other Alliances and Guilds.


    Quantum AI Butlers

    Lands are generally made up of the Outer Core and the Inner Core. The Inner Core houses the main control system of the entire Land. The system and every Land strata title is controlled by a Quantum AI which determines how energy is distributed to the Buildings, among other entertainment and security services requested by the owners.


    Resources from Owning Land

    Land plots produce a range of resources needed in the game for production of items and materials required in Guild and Alliance weapon and defense systems.

  • Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide - harness polluted air and process it into air tubes for use in certain guild and alliance items [requires air resource extractor]

  • Radioactive Waste - harness energy waste from buildings and process it into Fission Packs for use in certain guild and alliance items [require waste resource extractor]

  • Thermal Units - harness heat from energy points and process it for use in certain guild and alliance items [requires thermal generator]



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