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Welcome to Quantum Babylon, a consulting and development entity, specialized in the creation of virtual and 3D environments, technology law, intellectual property and digital art within the metaverse.


What is Quantum Babylon?

Welcome to Quantum Babylon, a consulting and development entity, specialized in the creation of virtual and 3D environments, technology law, intellectual property and digital art within the metaverse.

We help you with a practical, social and independent response to the drastic changes we are experiencing, offering you real solutions so you can achieve your goals in the new opportunities that the Internet offers you.

We also develop amazing hyperrealistic environments inside metaverse where you can show everything you are able to create as an artist, from exhibitions for painters and digital designers to amazing shows where everyone can dance, interact and enjoy with their friends!

A real reference for the artist and the collector in the metaverse
QB is more than an app, a game or a world where to live in the metaverse, it is from now on the reference platform for digital art, the place where to have a safe guide to meet the real artists of the metaverse, honest and reliable information about NFTs and the evolution of the cutting-edge digital culture.

We advise you and work on all legal aspects, your rights as a creator and cybersecurity measures that you must take into account to successfully enter the new web 3.0 both as an artist, professional, entity or company that wants to implement their ideas in a global network in constant evolution, full of opportunities but also risks and that will force you to know the legal and technical response required by each place where you want to apply your initiatives.


If you are an artist it is important for you to know that the QB Museum will be enabled from the 1st version of the application. 
A permanent and social place for the dissemination of culture, where all users will be able to see your work and even meet you in person with your own avatar! We will also record for free and without obligation a spectacular video of your gallery for everyone to enjoy it anywhere.
Facing an Internet full of millions of creators of different levels and quality, at QB we support and give visibility to the artists we appreciate with the creation, in a social and free way, of a personalized 3D gallery with a definition as high as it has not been seen so far to show your work in an innovative and spectacular way. With this action we seek to do our bit to bring the work of talented artists to all audiences and fill the metaverse with creativity, art and culture.


QB Museum

Verification of authorship and intellectual property

QB protects the intellectual property of its collaborating artists and its pool of creators of NFTs, through an authorship verification service to ensure the integrity and proper use of their works and digital creations.

With this unique procedure we help art collectors and investors to solve any authorship issue that gives peace of mind when acquiring or guaranteeing the origin of any digital work associated with QB or the participating artists, preventing criminals from selling stolen content on the Internet passing it off as their own or pretending to be the legitimate owner.

We help, advise and participate in the creation of all types of digital audiovisual content and virtual environments for advertising, film, television, education or medicine for all types of professionals and entities. As in our platform, designed from the beginning to be used in an easy and inclusive way by all kinds of people regardless of their condition. Quantum Babylon is driven by a group of professionals with different conditions that perfectly understands the needs of people with disabilities.
You can use our services, applications or artistic and social platform simply with a computer, console or smartphone, but you can also take advantage of the different Virtual or Augmented Reality devices in our immersive applications or in the projects you want to implement, however you want!

Consulting, design and creation of digital audiovisual content and virtual environments

Design, show your talent and make the most of your creativity

Show all your creativity, designing and displaying your work in a large global social/human network. In Quantum Babylon we help you to create and upload to the metaverse all kinds of virtual items, 3D or "real" objects! so you can share them with the community or trade with them.  

If you are a 3D modeler, animator or simply you are passionate about design, in QB you will find a space in the network where you can expose and show your creations to the public in a spectacular way, and of course, virtual stores where you can make an economic profit from your work.  
We put at your disposal our team and knowledge so that you can design and create videos, animations, special effects, concerts, shows, conferences, talks, humor monologues, escape rooms, educational experiences for children, role-playing, action or adventure levels, both integrated within the main platform as well as independently.

Thanks to the opportunities offered by the Internet, at QB we want to offer the possibility for your company to interact with others in the sector thanks to the 3D universe designed for this purpose. No more physical limitations, embrace the transnationality that the metaverse and cyberspace gives you.
No matter where your company is physically located, make it relevant thanks to Quantum Babylon, and therefore, in the metaverse.


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