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THE NEXUS FOR INTERACTIVE METAVERSE EXPERIENCES. Discover how our breakthrough command streaming tech is your doorway to the 3D Internet


What is Polystream?

Amazing experiences at unimaginable scale, Polystream is the ONLY platform making the metaverse real.

Our breakthrough command streaming technology instantly delivers everything required for outstanding 3D consumer entertainment, enabling gamers and non-gamers alike to instantly engage with the content they love, without the need for massive game client downloads.

While others are still talking about the future of cloud tech, our team is busy making it happen – innovating and experimenting in real-time from inside the metaverse, and creating what many still believe is science fiction…

We call it Room Zero.

The need for a cost-effective, elastic, and scalable approach to cloud streaming has long been a driving force behind the work we do here at Polystream. We envision an open 3D internet; we’re talking about an on demand commodity for millions of concurrent users, where you can seamlessly move between multiple interactive experiences, and it starts with command streaming.

Powered by Command Streaming

Technical Advantages


Polystream can elastically scale to meet any demand, without compromising on delivery quality or speed. Using state replication and lockstep simulation, we can serve audiences of unlimited sizes, without sharding. Whether adding a single user or 1000, the equivalent demand is of just one player.



Because command streaming doesn’t rely on expensive GPU machines in the cloud, interactive experiences powered by Polytsream can run from almost any data centre in the world – at significantly lower costs.



Our technology is designed to complement projects made in existing game engines like Unreal Engine with minimal performance impact to the experience.



With command streaming technology, latency is kept low. Cloud commodity machines without GPUs are ubiquitous and can be located close to clients – usually within 20 milliseconds of end users!



Users can access Polystream powered experiences seamlessly, in just a few seconds. Following a URL posted in a chat or social media post, viewers can instantly jump into any 3D experience as a spectator. User URLs can also be controlled, tracked and time-limited to provide adaptable security & management of the spectating experience.



You can build Polystream-enabled experiences using the same code base and tools as you normally would. From there, it’s as simple as integrating with our SDK and Plug-Ins as much or as little as you like.

From the beginning, we set out to make life at Polystream great, for everyone.

We want to create a company culture that supports you at every step of your career in an environment where you feel safe. We don’t just want to offer you a job; we want to offer you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself at work.

I believe that Polystream’s success will be measured by the success of the people that work here. One of the most important measures of us as a company is our commitment to supporting and nurturing all.

Along the way, we stumble. Sometimes we’re clumsy, and we make mistakes; but we are committed to keep learning, to keep listening, to be vocal and constructive when we risk veering off course, and to keep driving to make change for the better.

Our pledge to each other, and to you if you join us, is one that will evolve, and will continue to be something we all strive to improve and do better at. 

As CEO, I choose to challenge the status quo, question stereotypes & champion diversity. I choose to challenge bias and inequality. And I choose to stand accountable, making sure we collectively take the responsibility to adhere to our EDI pledge as we continue to grow.


Bruce Grove, Polystream CEO


Our equality, diversity & inclusion pledge

  • We pledge to remain conscious of creating a work culture that serves everyone and offers our whole team the support they need to be happy, healthy and productive at work.


  • We pledge to continue to reflect, review, and react on what we can do better to foster an environment where all are treated equally.


  • We pledge to be open in our communications by encouraging and empowering everyone to share & develop ideas and solutions to the hardest problems, and where your contribution will always be considered to be of value.


  • We pledge to not make a hire until we are satisfied that we have sourced and interviewed a diverse range of candidates, no matter how long this takes.


  • We pledge to be proactive in making sure any platform or stage we share represents a diverse range of voices, and will readily give up our spot to encourage this to happen.


  • We pledge to support our employees in carrying out their best work from wherever they are in the world – whether that’s remotely or from one of Polystream’s Hubs.


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