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The World's First 3D & AR NFT Multichain Platform and Video Game. Earn profits by owning virtual taxis, gas stations & services







What is Polka City?

Game Concept

Polka city is an online virtual world in which registered users socialize with other players, place their purchased assets in the city and show off their items to other players in the game. Currently, users own the assets but don’t have a visual representation of them. The game is going to be a virtual world where the Polkacity citizens will be able to drive their cars in the city and use their restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other NFTs.


This game falls into multiple genres like simulation, social, role-playing, and asset management because it involves social interaction between players and transactions for different NFTs. Various online role-playing games such as elder scrolls online include merchant guilds, banks for storing merchandise, and other things. The currency used in all those games is in-game gold, which is usually worthless in the real world. Enter Polkacity, and the money you make in this world is real money.

Objectives and progression

Currently, the users can roam around the city, socialize and do transactions. The game will be a living city and the missions can be created based on events and rewards. Some objectives will be added in the form of mini-games and missions to engage users. The major objectives will be decided once the city is ready. If you would like to contribute, add your opinions as comments below or chat in the main telegram group. Polkacity will also be a place to socialize, perhaps have guilds and they will use merchant-type NFTs such as car rental, shopping center, and others. The progression for the users will be to make more money in the form of POLC tokens.


Since the game focuses on socializing and moving around the city, the core mechanic will be player movement. The driving and movement mechanic will be mapped via WASD on the keyboard.

  • W: forward movement
  • A: left movement
  • S: backward movement
  • D: right movement.

Game Elements

The first elements to be focused on are listed below.

  • User Models. These will be generic simple models with basic customization i.e. dress and skin color at first.
  • Male & Female
  • A single block containing all the buildings.
  • Car repair, Car wash, Car rental, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping Center, Hot Dog stand.
  • Art gallery and Disco, including the inner structure and interactions.
  • Fillers: Parks, Dummy buildings

Game Environment

We will first focus on a small piece of land filled with each of these NFTs and filler buildings. This first land will be more like a town, which we can repeat with some changes later to create the huge world that is Polka City.

Here is a basic layout of how things will be mapped on a single unit. The NFT names are arbitrary in the diagram below.

Camera Angles: The game will have different camera angles, and they will switch accordingly.

City view camera angle: The camera angle will be 45 degrees to give it an isometric view like this.



Many blockchain games are simply boring card games, some of them sell land, some of them sell art. Polkacity is a fully-fledged desktop game with blockchain NFTs. Our game will have multiplayer features as well. We will use Photon SDK to enable multiplayer. 


Polkacity game will have buildings, NFT assets, in which the user’s avatar can move around freely and interact with other players. These buildings will act like social hangout spots where users can socialize with each other.

For the scope of the first draft, we will consider clubs as an example. In a club, users can socialize and watch private dedicated streams for Polka City. As there can be a large number of players inside a club, we’ll be limiting the total number of users inside the club to maintain a visual experience by avoiding clutter and to keep performance intact. In case of the club’s users capacity is maxed out, new users joining will be placed in a new but similar instance of the club, which will have its own separate users capacity. So technically, we’ll be creating a new room for the club when the previous club’s room has reached its capacity.

Similarly, the whole polka city, during the city view, will act as one big room where a lot of players will join and they can see each other walking around. We expect the city to be large, so there will be a lot of users roaming around in the city. The user count can easily be over hundreds, so there is going to be a lot of network traffic. The network traffic is judged on the basis of messages per second. To keep performance a priority, the photon suggests keeping messages per second less than 500. It means that it will require intense optimization to make sure the city roaming phase is a performant and smooth experience in terms of multiplayer.

The game elements such as user models, NFT cars, and NFT buildings will interact with each other in the game. Here is how:

  • Whenever a user is near a car or a building, a popup will appear giving them the option to engage or leave. The user can then press a key to interact with that element.
  • Enter a Car: If the user owns that car, upon entering, the camera will switch to street-view and the user will be able to drive the car around the city.
  • Enter a Taxi: If the user enters a taxi, he/she will set the location on the minimap, and direction or path will be navigated to the taxi owner who will be driving the taxi.
  • Enter a Building: Each building will have different interactions upon entering.
  • Art Gallery: This will be a 3D space where users who own art can display and sell these art pieces. The whole process of piece selection for the wall display will be done on the web end. Common user interactions: the user will be in 3rd person view and will be able to interact with other users i.e. when they will be near another user a popup will appear, asking them whether they want to do audio/text chat. If both users agree, then the appropriate chat starts. Users can see the paintings and buy them via the buy button. We will also provide a control mechanism for the user to exit from the building at any time using a simple button.
  • Disco: This will be a 3D space where users will enjoy virtual concerts. Disco NFT will be a social place where the user will be able to enjoy live virtual concerts and interact with other users. Users will be in 3rd person view and will be able to interact with other users i.e. when they are near another user a popup will appear asking them whether they want to do audio/text chat and if both agree the chat will start.

Game Loops: There will be a core game loop and other module loops. These will include Login and Sign up.

User Onboarding: The general idea for signup is that the user will create a game login in a standard way, and this will be initially independent of their metamask account.

An additional step after creating the game login will be for the user to add and verify their public key using metamask as part of their in-game account detail. Users will need to do this if they want to do any transactions or interact with NFTs in the game.

The login window will also include a connect button for the account public key (wallet ID) so that the user’s public key is also associated with the game account. This will enable the user to simply fetch the public key in case of passing it through an API call.

After the account has been created, we will have account validity confirmation via the user’s email.

Assets: All assets will be in 3D.

To populate the city, we will use 3D models of the following:

  • User Models
  • Male
  • Females
  • Power Stations
  • Petrol station (Car Fuels)
  • Electric station (Car Fuels)
  • Services and Social Buildings
  • Car repair (Car Maintenance)
  • Car wash (Car Maintenance)
  • Car rental (Car Maintenance)
  • Hotel (Games)
  • Restaurant (Social)
  • Art Gallery (Shopping)
  • Shopping center (Shopping)
  • Disco (Events)
  • Hot dog Stand (Shopping)
  • Fillers
  • Parks (Fillers)
  • Dummy buildings (Fillers)

All these buildings will have an internal structure because as the game develops, users will do interactions in the building rather than in the city.

Game sounds and SFX: Basic game sounds and SFX will be added to the game. We will buy sounds and select the royalty-free sounds for the first draft and then focus more on the sound production after the publication of the first draft of the game.

Game Elements interaction, User sign up and other Polka City game details

Customizations, Avatars, Vehicle and Building Models in the Polkacity Game

Art & Design

  1. User avatar model setup
    We’ve been working with two models. We spent some time on basic optimizations to change the model outlook and skeletons, we will work on this some more to make it perfect before the game launches.
  2. Avatar animations
    We are going to explore new character animations and identify a new set.
  3. Shader graphs work on avatar models.
    The users will be able to customize the textures of the clothes, hair, and skin tone. We’ve managed to implement this through the use of shader graphs, which gives us the ability to modify these textures in the game in real-time. We’re going to preselect a few textures for the clothes, and we’re going to offer a color slider/wheel for the user to customize the hair and skin tone. This was a considerably complex task, but it has saved us a lot of time while giving us an enormous range of customizations.
  4. Vehicle models
    The Bugatti model is ready; we will start working on the other car NFTs, optimizing them for the game.
  5. Building models
    We have been working on the art gallery and the shopping center. Work on the Art Gallery is in progress, the exterior is done, and we’re currently working on the interior. The corresponding city block prefabs will be finished within a week.
  6. Props and refinement
    While most of our city blocks are now adequate, we will polish the buildings, enhancing the quality to elevate the user experience.
  7. We’re running a simultaneous effort to iteratively give the city blocks a more natural feel. This includes making small props like mailboxes & flowerpots, improving the grass textures, and improving pavement textures.
  8. We will finish most of the refinements within a month.

    Unity Development, here is what we have accomplished:

  9. Avatar creation & customization flow. The basic flow for this is done, we are polishing it.
  10. Refinements and bug fixes (highlights)
  11. Avatar customization flow
  12. Pavement/footpath heights
  13. Fixed bugs in walking upstairs/ stepping onto the pavement
  14. System architecture improvements
  15. Scale fixes


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