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500 tiles of land are being sold and this is your chance to make your mark in this new world built on community, diversity and understanding.


What is Pax World

pax. world is a platform that allows you to create your own metaverse. Landowners can create their own virtual world. Your fantasy world, realized.


At pax.world, we believed in this future even before it became popular.



In fact, we’ve been working on our own metaverse platform for a few years and completed our first iteration in early 2020.

Today, pax.world is an open metaverse that is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience in an accessible manner for the widest possible user base.

Pax.world’s development and design have been motivated by the need to address some of the major hurdles to adoption when it comes to virtual worlds and related technologies.

We’ve kept our hardware requirements to a minimum and have ensured that users can access pax.world from both desktop and mobile devices.

Moreover, pax.world integrates some of the popular communication tools in use today, such as video and audio calls as well as streaming and broadcasting mechanisms, creating a hybrid environment that combines 3D models with life-like interaction abilities.

Gamification and play-to-earn mechanics are also a central part of pax.world’s design and will play a key role in user acquisition and continued engagement


Unlike other metaverses, we will be incentivizing user participation in various forms, fostering an interactive community, driven by value-added interactions.

Our list of industry-leading features is extensive, but some of the key highlights include:

  • Metaverse built using the Unity 3D game engine
  • Ability to experience pax.world through desktop, VR and mobile devices
  • Zoom-style video and audio streaming capabilities within the metaverse
  • High-definition video and audio broadcasting capabilities for massive virtual events
  • Extremely low hardware requirements (pax.world can run on a $300 Chromebook)
  • Play-to-earn mechanics for incentivizing user participation and content creation
  • Custom 3D spatial audio and video along with text chat engine
  • Fully-customizable avatar engine
  • Custom 3D asset loaders and virtual land generation
  • Integration with NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
  • Ability to create AI NPCs (in-game bots)
  • Land ownership as well as power and influence leveling up mechanics

We believe, with our industry-leading features, pax.world can play an integral role in a variety of scenarios, ranging from socialization to education, entertainment and commerce.

Pax.world is fully capable of meeting the needs of both producers and consumers and allows businesses of all categories to create virtual presences and offer services. Some examples of in-world commercial activities include:

  • Art galleries displaying and auctioning high-value NFTs
  • Gaming centers with a variety of experiences for users
  • Advertising on virtual spaces and in-world attractions
  • Educational centers for interactive learning experiences
  • Venues and arenas for concerts and live performances
  • Virtual business headquarters and customer support centers

    Currently, there are a lot of exciting developments on the horizon for pax.world and we will be revealing more in due course, including our choice of public blockchains for deployment, the metaverse’s native token and the pax.world economy.
  • We will also be hosting demo meetups in the coming weeks and will be inviting community members to experience pax.world first-hand. Follow our socials for more updates.

Incentivizing user participation in various forms

Pax.world raises $5.8M to grow the first fully functioning socialize-to-earn metaverse

We successfully finalized our seed and private sale rounds totaling $5.8 Million. Having developed the next evolutionary step in communication, pax.world is well positioned to become the next big player in the web3 metaverse solutions.

Yida Gao, General Partner of Shima Capital said “When we were first introduced to pax.world, it was clear that they stood out from other metaverse projects. The project’s sleek design and vetted team differentiates it among its peers. Pax.world is truly the first metaverse project to provide a real, grown-up, business and networking environment for its users.”

The private and seed round requests for interests oversubscribed 48 hours after the release of our whitepaper on December 15th with over 2000 requests to invest. Since then, pax.world has finalized a carefully selected list of backers who include several prominent names such as Reef, DFG Capital, TRGC, BlueZilla VC, Shima Capital, DextForce, Poolz, AU21 Capital and Jump Trading who serves as public exchange market maker.

During our seed and private rounds we were able to secure exceptional key opinion leaders (KOLs) in addition to securing a broad range of advisors to launch pax.world. Most notably contributors from other metaverse projects including Netvrk, early backers in Victoria VR.

“My vision five years ago was to build a virtual global community for individuals and brands, while revolutionizing the way they interact online. says Frank Fitzgerald, Founder of pax.world “The unprecedented level of interest we received in our fund raise has been extremely validating and given us the ability to grow our community and expand this vision, making this a reality, well, a virtual reality!

With the upcoming IDO/IEO launch of our BSC based token on March 11th, $PAXW — we will announce multiple events on Twitter (@paxworldteam) in the coming weeks including…limited edition NFT collections featuring our interactive in world AI avatar named Charlotte, land sales starting later this quarter and a full public launch later this year.

About pax.world

pax: pacis f. [peace; calm , quiet] (Latin)

Pax.world is a ready-to-deploy open metaverse platform that provides advanced audio, video and chat features along with realistic avatars with advanced technical specifications. With no graphics card or VR headset required (but optional) pax.world will launch users into web3 right from their laptops or mobile devices with simple wallet onboarding and low hardware requirements. Pax.world aims to innovate communication, discovery and knowledge in a new creative world owned by its members. The project aims to offer rich, interactive experiences that facilitate education, socialization, commerce and entertainment in a safe and inclusive environment.


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