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Orakler is a decentralised platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) NFT technology, inspired by the NFT gaming world.







What is Orakler?

The Problem

How many times have you thought: "Why would you invest in a game if the rewards might get worse? Currently, NFT games have a big problem: their lifetime is often very short. With the exception of a few cases, most games try to incentivise people to get in by creating FOMO with continuous updates that usually improve the rewards, but is that what we really want when we do our calculations? We don't know about you, but we don't.

The solution

Orakler is presented as the first game that proposes a stable economy. To achieve this we propose the use of the following technologies:

  • The Oracle is the base of our economy, based on the value of the dollar we establish the in-game rewards and the mint of the NFT's, being able in this way, to control that the benefits are stable in the long term.

  • Do not alter the rewards. We understand that the real players are those who, before starting to play, calculate what profit they will have and how long they can get it, so we are committed to never change the rewards.

In this way we will make both the in-game economy and the out-of-game economy sustainable over time.

In addition, as elements that differentiate us from the rest of the economies of the other games, we have chosen to apply two functionalities which are that the Claim of the rewards is subject to the price of the token (If you win 500$, make it 500$ even if the token goes up or down) and that the player chooses the percentage of success (The player could choose a 100% success rate every day at any level).

The latest

Orakler is not just a simple NFT game. Besides having fun, you will learn about the world of decentralised finance. That's why we've called ourselves the first DEFIG in existence.

But... What is a DEFIG? The acronym DEFIG stands for DEFI, the famous decentralised finance, and G, Game. We want to go beyond a simple game, ours will be an economic system based on the most important economic theories of today. A platform where you can earn money by playing. A matter of experience, not luck.

The assets, which will belong to the players, are NFT's minted in the ERC-721 standard. These NFT's can be traded or sold on our Marketplace.

The $ORKL token is the official token of Orakler, it will be used for all Mint and Burn NFT's, as well as potion creation rewards. To make the token more useful, the Marketplace will be based on $ORKL.


1 .Name: Orakler

2 .Ticker: ORKL

3 .Decimals: 18

4 .Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

5 .Total Supply: 5.000.000

6 . Contract address: 0x36BC1F4D4Af21df024398150Ad39627FB2c8A847

Token $ORKL


The $ELIXIR token is Orakler's secondary token, i.e. it is a "minable" and "burnable" token. The creation of the token will be based on Orakler's "Claim" function and the burning will be based on Orakler's "Exchange". It will be used to pay for the creation of potions, 1:1 with the USD.


1 .Nombre: Elixir

2 .Símbolo: ELIXIR

3 .Decimales: 18

4 .Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

5 .Supply: ∞

6 .Dirección de contrato: 0x30A629b824A0509633589ADb6E2Ef1616f526616

One feature that sets us apart from other games is our innovative token claim.


Claim with Oracle

First of all, we have realized that there is no point in earning $400 in the token if in two weeks when it is going to be withdrawn, those tokens are worth $20, so in addition to applying the Oracle to the creation of potions, we will also apply it to the Claim of the token, that is, if the player earns for example $100 creating one of the potions on day 1, it will still be $100 on day 14. This way we incentivize the holding of the token within the internal wallet of the game and also make it possible for the players to make their own calculations in the long term. It should be noted that this also benefits the token price increase for obvious reasons.

To do this, we will use a token, The Elixir, which will have a 1:1 value with the USD when the user wants to exchange it for ORKL in our exchange, but, which will be quoted in Pancake swap independently. This token will be the currency in which the rewards will be paid, and it is the one that makes the oracle in the Claim possible.


Early withdrawal fee

There is a 40% early withdrawal fee when claiming rewards in $ELIXIR, this fee will be reduced by 2% once the first potion of the day is made, and so on until it reaches 0% and you can withdraw without tax. This way we incentivize the token so that the price of the token goes up. With all this we incentivize playing the game instead of speculating with the $ORKL token and we also make the price of the token to be bullish. Reward pool: 0xe1c466b4440285136099079A5a806db312405Fb5

Claiming Rewards

Game fees

At Orakler we believe that one of the things that causes the most distrust in NFT games is the moment when developers want to get paid and sell their tokens (in this case, ORKL), that's why we are committed to NOT sell ours.

What we will do is use them both to add liquidity to the token and to replenish the reward pool.

If the developers are not going to sell their tokens, how will they get paid for their work?

In order to remunerate the team and pay all company expenses (Marketing, Servers, Mods, etc.) we have implemented a system of BNB commissions on in-game transactions.

First of all, these BNB transactions will go to the Orakler team wallet.

From this wallet, all the platform's expenses will be paid and, once the surplus is deducted, it will be distributed as 80% to pay the developers and the remaining 20% will go to add liquidity. With this liquidity, together with the team's tokens, a BNB reserve will be created to be able to make repurchases of the token if necessary.

We have created a chart to clarify, in case of doubt, where each asset will go, whether it is the BNB commissions, the ORKL payments from mining or the Power Crystals.


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