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NFTs created by Johnny Depp.


What is Never Fear Truth?

NFTs created by Johnny Depp.

Portraits of friends, heroes and family; created by Johnny and animated to create truly unique works of generative art.

Establishing a creative community of fans and friends through ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

For Johnny Depp there has always been art. Before acting, and before music, art has always been an important outlet for his creativity. While his acting skills are obviously the foundation of his fame, the recent reception to his music with Hollywood Vampires has encouraged him, and emboldened him, to share his art.


Johnny's art exists at the intersection of 'Pop Art' and 'Street Art'. Recognisable images of people in popular culture are recast in vibrant, bright colours; and overlayed with the energy and wit of Street Art. The result is a series of iconic images of media figures that have moved beyond the impersonal graphic simplicity of Pop Art. It's Pop Art with feeling.

In addition to Johnny's 'Friends and Heroes', he has included a picture of himself treated in the same way, an image of an old family friend - the dog 'Mooh' - and one of 'Bunnyman', the legendary subject of one of his son's dreams.

Johnny's created this project to share his art, giving a large number of collectors and fans the opportunity to enjoy owning a truly original piece of work by him.

Through the power of NFTs though there are a number of additional benefits for owners:

- Access to participate in Johnny's Discord community.
- Priority access to future NFT works & partnerships by Johnny.
- The ability to claim a physical copy of your artwork*
*Not open until May 2022. Limited to one claim per NFT and subject to fees & shipping.

What are the benefits from owning a Never Fear Truth NFT?

Does Never Fear Truth have a roadmap?

Our roadmap is our community; Johnny is already planning how he'll be creating value with those who believe in him most. From NFT 'derivatives', metaverse partnerships, IRL shows and harnessing the power of social tokens to drive projects in art, music and film. This is a community founded on his creativity, let's see where it takes us.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs (after sales taxes in certain countries and costs) will be donated to charities Johnny has supported for many years, as well as charities close to the subjects of his work. As a best estimate, this equates to seventeen and a half (17.5) percent of the sale price of these NFTs which will be received by the following charities: The Los Angeles Children's Hospital Charity (US charity / tax ID number 95-1690977) (4.375%), Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (registered U.K. charity no. 1160024) (4.375%), for Heath Ledger the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation (Australian Charitable Collections Licence number 22066) (4.375%) and a further 4.375% to other charities. All percentages subject to VAT if applicable

How will Never Fear Truth benefit charity?

How are the NFTs distributed?

10,000 were available for purchase. These will be randomly allocated to applicants and potentially via a public sale, with a limited amount of whitelist spots available for community collaborators and NFT natives. The remaining 1,111 are held between Johnny and his team. Johnny's allocation will be distributed at his discretion to those fans who have supported him most (more details to be released), and his team. Team NFTs are locked up for 3 months, with 25% unlocking each month thereafter, to maintain impartial operations


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