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F2P Cyberpunk RPG like never before. Battle through procedural and story-driven missions to collect characters, gear, juice and parts. Adapt quickly to increasingly difficult enemies and complex puzzles, master the rich trading-card game battle mechanics, and grok tactics to survive in the District.


What is Neon District?

Neon District is a free-to-play cyberpunk role-playing game featuring collectible NFTs on Matic and Ethereum. Players collect characters and gear, craft and level up fully-equipped teams, and battle their teams against other players through the Neon Pizza competitive multiplayer missions or in real-time turn-based combat.

In Neon Pizza, players send their pizza delivery teams out to earn more Neon, Juice, and Parts to buy gear crates and level up characters, armor and weapons. You can choose between being law-abiding members of Neon District and deliver pizzas to hungry citizens, or you can exploit the system and ambush other players to steal their earnings. Or do both! No matter which you choose, you earn plenty of Neon and badges, while climbing the ranks of notoriety in Neon District.

What is Neon Pizza?

Getting Started/The Basics

To get started playing, go to the Neon District Portal to register for a new account if you don’t already have one. New players are given 1 free character, 300 Neon and 5 juice to start with, which is enough to buy 3 additional characters to form your first full team. You can claim your free character by clicking Claim a Free Character from the Dashboard


There are 6 character types to choose from: Demon, Doc, Genius, Ghost, Heavy and Jack, with the basic description of each on the character selection menu. Once you have selected your free character, you can go back to the menu to buy 3 more with your 300 Neon.

You will now be able to field a full team of 4 characters


You can view your new characters from the character menu at the top. On this page is where you can change the name, gender and skin tone for each character along with equipping them with gear and weapons that you earn to make them stronger and more powerful.

Neon District is completely free to play and does not require buying any gear up front to begin playing the Neon Pizza mode. However, if you choose to buy some Neon to begin equipping your characters, you can view all your owned gear and weapons from the inventory tab.

You will now assemble your team from the characters you own. Go to the Battle tab and select Team setup to begin. Click on Create New Team and enter a Team Name.

From the Team Editor, you can select characters from the left menu and assign them to one of 4 slots using the buttons on the right. You can also see a character’s current stats and equipped cards for battle. For clarity, Slot 1 will be the front-most character while Slot 4 is the rear-most on your team. Once you have finished setting up your team click Save in the upper right.

You are now ready to begin Delivering Pizzas!


With your new team, you can now send them out on deliveries to start earning Neon, the in game currency of Neon District. Neon is used to buy Gear Crates that drop weapons and armor, or for buying juice and parts which are used for upgrading characters, armor and weapons. From the Neon Pizza tab, select Delivering Agents to begin sending your team out on its first shift of deliveries.

From the Delivery Agent page you will be able to monitor the progress of your team’s deliveries once they have started their shift. Teams are currently able to deliver in either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas. You can choose which area you would like to deliver in before starting your shift based on the descriptions below. A player may only run 42 shifts in Tier 1 before being promoted permanently to Tier 2.

Tier 1 — No ambushes and earn a nominal amount of Neon per delivery

Tier 2 — Players can now ambush others and earn more Neon per delivery

Tier 3 (not yet available) — Hardcore ambushes, but players can now earn Juice and Parts for each delivery in addition to Neon

Once you have selected a Tier, you can now start a new shift. Note: Once a Team is on delivery, they cannot be modified or changed until they are done with their shift. In addition, only one Team can be on a delivery at a time

With your team on delivery, you can monitor their progress from the same page. A shift lasts approximately 8 hours and will typically be from 7–9 deliveries depending how short/long each delivery is. You can see your currently earned tips and can bank tips after each delivery if you choose. It is recommended to bank your Neon often if you are in Tier 2 as any unbanked Neon is at risk of being stolen by ambushers. Once Neon is banked it is added to your game account and can be spent right away. Each new delivery will auto start after the previous one is completed.


Delivering Pizza

How do I level up my character and equipment?

Now that you have assembled your first character, you can now begin leveling up the character or their gear by using Juice or Parts. Each new account gets 5 juice for free to start which is enough to level a character to Level 3. To get additional Juice or Parts, go to the dashboard and click on the Buy Juice or Buy Parts button.

From this page, select how much juice/parts you would like to buy, and verify the transaction as long as you have enough neon.

With your new Juice/Parts, you can begin to level your characters and equipment. To level your character, click the level up button on the dashboard for characters.


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