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Mythical Games is a huge blockchain gaming platform based in Seattle, Washington and It is the platform in charge of the Blankos Block Party game released in 2020. In contrast to many other projects, they have neither released pre-sale tokens nor released a proof of concept or an alpha version of the game. This community-based development method is very common in small independent projects in the field of crypto games – but Mythical Games has taken a different route.

They released their game when the game was finished, and they also took a different approach to market their game – instead of focusing on the blockchain aspect, they tried to highlight the player-driven economy features in the game. 

The Mythical Platform is the underlying technology of our peer-to-peer Marketplace, and manages trades, payments, users and blockchain inventory. The Marketplace unlocks the value of a player’s monetary and time-based efforts, or the rarity of their collection, by making it possible for buyers and sellers to transact confidently in a secure and trusted environment.

Our Marketplace tools provide seamless integration to game inventory and provide fraud protection, fee optimization, buyer and seller pricing recommendations, an exchange for fiat and crypto transactions and more. We also offer optional private label marketplaces fully branded to a partner.



The Mythical Platform offers proprietary intelligence, market design and market intervention tools and services for ongoing economy management support that enables easy and safe digital asset transactions and ensures a community and system built on transparency, security, trust and value.

Our intelligence suite and decision management support helps you balance primary and secondary economies, and boost primary revenue based on real-time data.

Our NFT and token management system is the first step in providing players true ownership of their digital assets, and the ability to add on/off ramps to public blockchain offers additional freedom for your community. Players and their items are automatically tokenized on the blockchain and synced to your Marketplace.

The Mythical platform handles all issuance and game integration of NFTs and tokens, as well as ledger functionality and accounting, with scaling appropriate for mass market games.



The Mythical Platform is built on an EVM-compatible sidechain using a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Minting NFTs and integrating the Marketplace via our platform do not require any mining.

Our chain will also provide the ability to track and support assets across multiple blockchains, allowing players to transfer and sell assets across many public blockchains, while ensuring payment splits to developers for those secondary transactions regardless of where they occur.


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