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Decentralized Metaverse Land Tycoon . Metaverse land owned by DAO and run by community


What exactly is Metapoly about?

Metapoly is the first decentralized metaverse land tycoon that helps you drive investment in the Metaverse. With the recent successes of NFTs, it’s clear as day that the things the world terms as valuable are changing. With Metapoly, you get to be at the vanguard of that change.

Metapoly is derived from two words everyone’s familiar with; Metaverse + Monopoly. By merging these two worlds, we’ve created the infrastructure that seamlessly combines the Metaverse, NFTs and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

It is a combination of:

Metaverse + Monopoly

Metaverse + NFT+ DeFi 2.0

  1. Let’s imagine this as a land-bank name “Globabank”. Globabank is just like any other bank that “owns” the title/ownership of the “assets” in the bank’s balance sheet.
  2. Globabank offers the customers a very attractive interest rate % for them to sell their land deed to Globabank treasury.
  3. In return, Globabank offers you a certificate of ownership; via D33D token, as a right to govern the Globabank itself.
  4. And anyone can own this token as a governance right to this Globabank.

Let’s switch the example above with Metaverse and decentralization.

  1. Metapoly is the Metaverse land tycoon that accepts Metaverse lands, Metaverses protocol tokens, and its own liquidity.
  2. The Metapoly treasury is a smart contract that is fully transparent and programmatically sells BOND via accepting Metaverse lands, protocol tokens, and own liquidity.
  3. The treasury issues D33D tokens from this BOND process that is backed by the treasury’s asset programmatically.
  4. D33D token is the governance and utility token for the Metapoly DAO and decentralized metaverse’s reserve currency.
  5. D33D token holders could choose to stake D33D to get more rebasing tokens. This is accomplished using the protocol profits itself via BOND and trading fees.

Let’s summarize this:

  1. Metapoly is a decentralized metaverse land/asset/liquidity protocol that is governed by DAO. It is owned by no 1, thus, decentralization.
  2. Metapoly leverages the web3/blockchain and smart contract technology to decentralize this process; that is fully transparent.
  3. D33D is the governance and utility token on Ethereum blockchain.
  4. D33D aims to be the decentralized Metaverse reserve currency.
  5. D33D is backed by the Metapoly treasury that uses its profit from the BOND and fees.
  6. All D33D tokens are backed, not pegged.
  7. D33D can only be created and minted by the Metapoly treasury smart contract. It cannot be minted out of thin air.
  8. Metapoly treasury is a combination of several types of digital assets; proven Metaverse land protocols; ie Decentraland, Sandbox, etc and governance and utility token from Metaverse protocols; ie, MANA, SAND etc
  9. In effect, D33D token holders govern the DAO that controls Metapoly treasury and ecosystem.

How does it work?

Why is Metapoly important?

Since its inception, the internet has promised freedom. However, the capitalism on Web2 stiffens this freedom, costing the users their privacy, rights, and data. However, there’s a ray of hope with the advent of Web3 and the Metaverse. But it’s vital to be careful, not allowing the growth of the Metaverse take the same trajectory as Web2 did — towards extreme greed capitalism.

The Metapoly community, D33D token holders, and the DAO present a chance of regaining lost freedom, privacy, and rights while also introducing governance participation.

Tech and product

As the DeFi and crypto are constantly evolving, we prioritize the development of token use-cases ensuring the intrinsic value of the D33D token will be constantly in demand. For more information about gD33D, please refer to the FAQ.

  1. Multi-chain Metaverse ecosystem with D33D and gD33D.
  • As Ethereum remains the biggest market for Metaverse land assets, we understood the painpoint of gas prices,
  • Bridging to BSC, AVAX, Polygon etc will be within our roadmap in 2022.

2. Launchpad for Metaverse with gD33D

  • gD33D token stakers are automatically whitelisted for upcoming Metaverse projects,
  • Tiered gD33D mechanism will be implemented (the more gD33D staked, the more allocation),
  • Inclusion of both token sale and NFT on the launchpad,
  • This is made possible through the partnership with Mintology.studio launchpad technology stack.

3. Borrowing and Lending with gD33D

  • gD33D token can be deposited into Levier lending market,
  • These over-collateralized deposited assets can then be used to borrow other crypto-assets such as USDC, USDT, MANA, SAND and more,
  • gD33D token holders can now enjoy the high APY% rebase yield while still able to borrow more liquidity to do more; reinvesting and buying more D33D!
  • This is made possible through the technology stack built by DAOventures.co and Levier Capital.

4. Fractionalization of Metaverse land ownership with D33D

  • As D33D aims to be the Metaverse reserve currency, we will be partnering with Metaverse land protocols for inclusion of D33D as a Metaverse currency,
  • Opening to Metaverse landowners to encourage fractionalization using D33D token as reserve currency.

High level roadmap

DAO and governance

  1. Implementation of snapshot.org for on-chain voting process
  • Using Snapshot as the governance process for major decision on Metapoly protocol,
  • gD33D token holders will be using similar mechanism as ve(3,3) for voting process.

2. DAO would be governed by token holders.

  • gD33D token holders would be able to propose, vote and approve/reject ideas,
  • This gives gD33D token holders a vote to control the DAO’s future; “Own the D33D, rule the Metaverse”!


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