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What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a mission to maximize value accrual across different games in the metaverse. We are creating a platform at the intersection of capital (investors), expertise (platform and managers) and players (gamers).

Merit Circle is not an entirely new concept. Brought to you by the founders of the Axie 420 scholarship and incubated by Flow Ventures. Flow Ventures has committed to realising Merit Circle’s vision and providing us with all the necessary resources. This marriage equips Merit Circle with years of combined experience and expertise.

While forming our identity, we focused on three key pillars: gaming, cryptocurrency and investing. We were looking to build a brand that not only gave space for the creative expression of the gaming industry but one that could also stand alone, be trusted and feel inherently strong enough to inspire confidence, faith and belief.

We didn’t want our brand to feel like just gaming; it’s not just cryptocurrency, it’s not just investing; we’re doing something that speaks powerfully to any of these audiences without feeling too overwhelming towards one side or the other. We wanted to speak the language of each group. Therefore, it’s with great excitement that we bring you the Merit Circle, an organic group of individuals who are rewarded through shared interests and skills.

Drawing the Merit Circle

How can I get involved as a contributor?

As a decentralized autonomous organization, we want to ensure a widespread distribution of the $MC token. Therefore, we are actively researching several ways of having a public investment round where anyone will have the opportunity to purchase their stake of tokens and thereby become part of the Merit Circle DAO.

The Merit Circle DAO is the process of governing Merit Circle. Core decisions are made by the community who use a purchasable utility token ($MC) to fairly vote on potential outcomes.


Anyone can make a proposal. Any proposal has the potential to reach a vote.

Proposals are made through our governance forums. Take a look at the forums to see recent threads and discussions.

Merit Circle DAO


Total gamers


We are proudly managing gamers from Asia, Africa, Europe, South-America daily earnings rewards through playing various games


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each month we are scaling faster with more country managers joining us to assist onboarding new gamers across the globe


Our split


out of everything a gamer earns using our in-game assets, we take 30% of the profit, the player keeps the rest


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