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What is Gamesta?

 G A M E  S T A believes the value of any game is created by the network of players playing it. Each player, regardless of his wealth or means, represents the same value in a digital game, spending their time and contributing to an ever evolving metaverse. Now, through blockchain technology, game developers can finally reward the loyalty of those players who actively play their games.


These in-game NFT’s are revolutionising the way a gamer can build intrinsic value, but with the competition so intense, players from emerging economies sometimes cannot afford the initial outlay to purchase those assets. Enter  G A M E  S T A, the A.I. powered Guild, enabling token holders to connect to and empower thousands of under privileged players throughout The World.


 G A M E  S T A uses proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology to improve decision making processes on both the asset acquisition and the asset deployment, ensuring maximum yield for investors. Let’s Unleash Play-2-Earn together.


 G A M E  S T A ‘s guild operations are already working with hundreds of players. Based out of Bali, Indonesia, we have a test bed for the operations of a larger guild. We have over 200 ETH in asset management already and we are generating over $5,000 USD a day in profits through our beta setup.


Play to Earn is flipping the gaming industry on its head. With the introduction of blockchain technology and the ability to create trustless networks, gaming developers are now able to reward and incentivise the players that make up the core value of the game.


  1. NFT’s
    In-game asset ownership through the use of NFT’s provides additional value to the players when said asset is used within the game world by playing an active role in the game itself. As players increase the XP of an in-game asset by playing, its value increases, meaning players are incentivized to spend time in the game to boost their said assets whenever they wish.
  2. Token Dynamics
    The play 2 earn model enables game developers to create value in unique tokens associated with the game. These tokens provide utility, and therefore new ways to engage with the game and trade in-game assets.
  3. Empowerment
    Play 2 Earn is revolutionary as it debases the value of a player's time regardless of their means, wealth and location. All players are equal. That means players from under-privileged countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand can make relatively high full time in-game incomes from actively playing the games.
  4. Scholarships
    Due to the play 2 earn models’ effectiveness, the prices of the NFTs linked to the in-game assets required to play may be significantly high, meaning barriers of entry exist for those with no money to purchase such NFTs. Scholarships such as  G A M E  S T A’s enable the distribution of these in-game assets to players that can use them in game in exchange for a profit sharing model. This sharing is a consequence of the active gaming performance of the players.

Play to Earn

Business Model & Activities

The general business activities of the Guild will fall under the following categories.


  • Acquisition of in-game assets (NFTs)
  • Playing play-to-earn videogames to make profits
  • Active Market Research for new games coming to market
  • Building a global community of players, focused mainly on the underprivileged communities of Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.
  • Producing in-game revenue from activation of in-game NFTs and their utilities
  • Staking services
  • VC investments into exciting projects being added to our community

 G A M E  S T A brings value through its experience in the industry. Specialists in crypto and more prudently GameFi, G A M E  S T A‘s core team are looking forward to building one of the most successful guilds ever, one that gives high rewards to token holders but at the same time empowers players from all over the globe.


The guild effectively connects token holders and players together, enabling both parties to profit from the exploding play-to-earn market.

 A.I. Powered Acquisitions.

A.I. & Machine Learning is revolutionising processes in all aspects of business, in every industry.  G A M E  S T A is developing an A.I. & ML based algorithm to assist in in-game asset acquisition decisions. We estimate this will increase the efficiency of our treasury 2-3 fold, and significantly reduce the risks of human errors and sentiment based choices.

 Machine Learning Player Promotion.

To optimize our yields and reward the best players with the best in-game assets, we are developing an AI based Machine Learning algorithm to automatically promote and reward scholars in our program.

 Gamestation Incubation.

After an extremely successful partnership between DOPEWARZ & GAMESTATION, VMG decided to again incubate  G A M E  S T A with Gamestation. With their wealth of knowledge and large network of value add contributors,  G A M E  S T A is confident of another incredible partnership. 

 Established Operations.

As mentioned in the Background,  G A M E  S T A is already in operation, with hundreds of players in its network, actively using our 200ETH in-game NFT assets.


Value Proposition


We are currently closing the allocations in the seed round before starting our private rounds allocations, and are looking to raise $8,000,000 USD to assist in building a world class in-game asset base and efficient smart contract system. This will enable us to create a DAO which will make key decisions, operate the treasury, and direct the Guild in a fair and equitable manner.

Proposals and voting will include, but not be limited to:


  1. Technology
  2. Which games the Guild may play
  3. Distribution of rewards in tokens
  4. Governance of certain aspects of the Guild


Whilst the community is maturing, and until the launch of The DAO, we will run financials in a centralised manner, reporting in-game asset acquisitions, gaming profits & yields via a weekly report that will be distributed on the blockchain.



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