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This is where you can buy and sell jewels and eventually other commodities with other Citizens.


To access the Bazaar:

  1. First visit your profile’s Resources page. To do that, first open the drop-down user menu at the top right of your screen by clicking on your name/avatar, then click Resources.

    Next, select Bazaar from the header menu section, next to Storage.

    On the Jewels page of the Bazaar, you will see a list of Jewels that other Citizens have made available for purchase.

    Filtering System

    The Jewels for sale can be filtered using the drop-down menus or sliders at the top of the listings. You can filter the listings by Tier, Color, Selling To and Price. Additionally, a slide bar is available to select only a price range, if desired.


  2. Filter by Tier describes what resource tier the Jewel belongs to. Clicking the filter will expand the filter list, in which you can select your desired Tier.
  3. Filter by Color describes which raw materials a Jewel will affect. Clicking the filter will expand the filter list, in which you can select your desired Color. You can choose between all (all colors will be displayed) or a specific color (only one will be displayed).
  4. Filter by Selling To describes the audiences the listings are available to. Clicking the filter will expand the filter list, in which you can select your desired filter.
  5. Filter by Price allows you to filter out listings that do not fall within your price range between the sliders. Listings can also be sorted using the Sort By drop-down menu where Lowest Price First or Highest Price First can be selected.
  6. Browsing Listings and Buying Jewels

    The search results are displayed below the filters as Listing Cards. Each Listing Card represents a Jewel made available for purchase, which can be bought by clicking its Buy Now button.

    After clicking the Buy Now button, a pop-up window will be displayed. The pop-up window shows the total purchase price (Asking Price + Sale Fee) and asks you to confirm the purchase.

  7. Clicking Cancel will abort the purchase and close the popup with no funds or items transferred.
  8. Clicking Buy Jewel will confirm the purchase and the funds will be deducted from your E$ balance. You will also get a notification that the Jewel bought has been moved to your Jewel Inventory.

    Selling Jewels

    You can list your own Jewels for sale in the Bazaar from the Jewels section in the Storage tab.

    To list a Jewel for sale, first go to the Selling tab of the menu to the right of the inventory. Previously listed Jewels will be displayed here.


    You can now drag and drop the Jewel of your choice into the Selling Window.

    This will open the Sell Jewel pop-up. Here you can enter your Asking Price. The listing price is made up of your Asking Price and a Sale Fee, which will be paid by the buyer. You will receive the Asking Price upon successful sale of the Jewel


    The Sale Fee is calculated in the following way:

  9. 5% of Asking Price for all wares up to 99,99 E$ net
  10. 4% of Asking Price for all wares between 100,00 E$ - 149,99 E$ net
  11. 3% of Asking Price for all wares between 150,00 E$ - 249,99 E$ net
  12. 2% of Asking Price for all wares between 250,00 E$ - 499,99 E$ net
  13. 1% of Asking Price for all wares over 500,00 E$ net
  14. Clicking Cancel will close the popup and the Jewel will not be listed.
  15. Clicking List Jewel for Sale will list the Jewel in the Bazaar and it will no longer be in your Inventory.
  16. Managing your Listings

    You can manage your listings in the Selling tab in your Jewel Storage at any time.

    To change the price of a Jewel, click on the price of the listing you wish to change and add the new price. Clicking anywhere on the page will prompt a pop-up asking for confirmation of the change of price.


  17. Clicking Cancel will reset the price to its previous value and close the pop-up window.
  18. Clicking Update Price will save the new value and update the listing.
  19. A pop-up asking for confirmation of removal will appear


    If you want to completely remove a listing from the Bazaar, click the red Remove button to the very right of the listing you want to remove.


    The Sale Fee for a Jewel sale cannot be lower than the Sale Fee calculated from the median Asking Price of identical Jewel types in the Bazaar. The Sale Fee is visible to both seller and buyer, and already included in the listing price.


  20. Clicking Cancel will close the pop-up and the listing will remain in the Bazaar.
  21. Clicking Remove Offer will remove the listing from the Bazaar and return the listed Jewel to your inventory.