Jewel Crafting

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The Jewel Crafting feature allows you to shatter, craft and improve Jewels. Shattering or Crafting Jewels will generate Shards as an additional resource.

Shards are needed to improve Jewels to higher clarity versions, strengthening the effect they have when slotted into your properties' Mentars.

Navigating to the Jewel Crafting Page

To access the Crafting menu visit your profile’s Resources page. To do that, first open the drop-down user menu at the top right of your screen by clicking on your name/avatar, then click Resources.


You are now in the Inventory screen; in the navigation bar at the top, select Storage, then Jewels. To access the crafting section, select Crafting: A new window will show up with your inventory and a crafting menu.

From here you have the ability to craft through Combinations that allow the Shattering, Improvement and Crafting of Jewels.


Crafting Jewels

Here you can Craft, Improve or Shatter Jewels. You will find some of the Combinations marked as Unknown Combination. To find more combinations, keep crafting, try new combinations, and most importantly… have fun!

Entering and Removing Jewels

To insert a Jewel into one of the five crafting slots, first left click on the desired jewel from your inventory, then select one of the crafting slots by left clicking it.


The Jewel stack is now placed in a crafting slot and a Spread Over pop-over will appear.


By changing its number, you will be able to spread Jewel stacks across multiple slots. The pop-over message will close when clicking anywhere else on the screen.

To remove a Jewel stack from a crafting slot, click the desired stack and then click the Jewel Inventory.

Entering and Removing Shards


Add Shards by typing the number required, using the arrows or tick Allow Bulk Crafting to create the maximum number of Jewels possible with the Shards available in the Inventory.

  • A simple click will add/remove 1 Shard.
  • Shift-click will add/remove 10 Shards.
  • Ctrl-click will add/remove 100 Shards


    Crafting Results


    After adding Jewels or Shards into multiple crafting slots, you will notice the result field changing; it now displays the expected result of the crafting action.

    What result a craft yields is dependent on the reagents used and based on Combinations. You can inspect the list of available Combinations through the Combination List.

    Viewing the Combination List


    To open the Combination List, click the Combination button in the top right corner of the Jewel Inventory.

    Clicking the Combination button again will close it.

    Getting Shards


    To obtain Shards, you need to shatter Jewels. This is done through the Shatter Combination.

    Jewels will be shattered if only one reagent field for Jewels is filled. The reagent field for Shards needs to be empty (set to 0).


    The Shards gained is based on the Jewel that will be shattered and is previewed in the result field at the bottom.

    To shatter a Jewel, click the Shatter button in the center of the Crafting tab. If you want to shatter all Jewels inside the reagent fields, you can check the Allow Bulk Shattering checkbox to its right beforehand.

    The resulting Shards are now placed in the result field and can be picked up by clicking on it.


    Crafting Tier 1 Jewels


    You can create your own Jewels out of Shards via the Tier 1 Jewel Combination, which takes 24 Shards. For this Combination to work, the reagent fields for Jewels need to be empty.

    After entering 24 Shards or more, the result field will show a choice of all available Tier 1 Jewels.


    Through editing the number field by the checkbox, you can choose how many Jewels will be crafted.

    If the Shards entered are enough to craft multiple Tier 1 Jewels, you can bulk craft them by checking the Allow Bulk Crafting checkbox.


    Now, choose the type of Jewel you wish to craft.


    To craft the chosen Tier 1 Jewels, click the Craft button above. The resulting Jewel(s) is now placed in the result field and ready to be claimed by clicking on it.

    Improving Jewels


    You can improve the quality and effect of Jewels through the Improve Combination, which consumes Shards and Essence.

    Improve Combinations only require one crafting slot to be filled, and enough Shards to upgrade the Jewel to the next quality level to be entered in their respective field. The amount of Shards needed depends on the type, quality level and tier of the Jewel.


    If enough Shards are entered, a Jewel can be upgraded over multiple quality levels. The total amount of Shards needed to upgrade a Jewel to Luminous quality is the same regardless.

    If enough Shards are entered to upgrade more than one Jewel to at least the next quality level, the Allow Bulk Improvement checkbox will appear; if selected, the entire stack will be improved.

    To improve the Jewel, click the Improve button.

    The resulting Jewel(s) is now placed in the result field and ready to be claimed by clicking on it.


    Unlocking Unknown Combinations


    Some Combinations in the Combination list may still be unknown.

    You can attempt to craft a new, yet unknown Jewel by trying out different Jewel combinations.

    If the Combination is unknown, a Trial option will appear, allowing you to attempt a new Combination.


    A Trial will use one Jewel from each reagent field and attempt to create a new Jewel from them.

    If the Jewels used match the reagents needed for an unknown Combination in the Combination List, its result will be crafted and placed in the result field. The Combination will also be unlocked and listed in the Combination List.


    If the Combination is not successful, the Jewels will be shattered and the resulting Shards will be placed in the Results field.

    The game will remember any unsuccessful combinations you tried and preview them as shattering the Jewels.