Mentars, slotting and E-ther

2022-02-12 00:31:34





Mentars are buildings that are essential for the gameplay in Earth 2. They detect E-ther that evaporates from the land and turn it into Essence.

Once you complete the process of creating Mentars, there will always be one on each of your properties, including future properties bought after the Mentar creation process was undertaken.

Mentars enable Jewel slotting on properties; the bigger the property on which a Mentar exists, the more open slots for Jewels it has. Slotting Jewels on your property improves its functionality through the Jewels' modifier effects.


How to create your first Mentar

The process of creating Mentars is as follows:

Step 1: When you visit your Profile page for the first time, a text box will appear:

You are able to build Mentars on all of your properties for free. Mentars are important for facilitating Essence generation, and - in the future - Resource production. The construction of Mentars takes 14 days from the initial day of construction to complete. It also requires you to visit your Portfolio on 7 separate days within the 14 day construction period, but is otherwise free of charge. Would you like to start building your Mentar/s now?”

(yes) (later) (don't ask again)

Step 2: You will then be asked to select your Time Zone.

“Please enter and confirm your time zone. This will be used as a reference to determine the daily progress on creating your Mentars.”


Step 3: Mentars are now being constructed on your properties. Visiting your Profile page on 7 separate days will produce a Mentar for each of your properties for free after 14 days.

We measure the seven visits in calendar days based on the Time Zone selected in Step 2. Each time you visit your Profile page on a new day, a message will appear reminding you of the progress of your Mentar creation process


This sequence of messages will stop once the creation process for Mentars is completed.

Note: The Mentar is currently a metaphysical construct that works in the background. In future updates you will be able to see Mentars physically placed on your properties.

The Mentars' Quest

After completing the Mentar construction process, newly bought properties will automatically have a Mentar placed on it, regardless of if they were purchased directly from Earth 2, or previously owned by another user.

Alternatively, you can skip the 14 day construction process by opting to buy a Mentar from your Profile page. To do this, select a property on your profile and click the green button Buy Mentar. Note that buying a Mentar on a specific property will only affect that property and you will need to repeat the process for each of the properties on which you would like a Mentar placed.


Mentars existing on your Properties will be visible on the map for all to see.


You will also notice that with a property holding a Mentar, the Buy Mentar button is removed from the property card and replaced with an i (info) button, indicating the property has a Mentar.



Mentars are fundamental for Essence generation on properties, and are required to detect E-ther from your properties.

Each tile has a daily chance of evaporating 1 E-ther.


Detected E-ther will vanish 48 hours after evaporating on your property, so it is important to regularly visit your Profile page to claim your E-ther. More information can be found in the section How to claim E-ther.

Mentars on larger properties usually have a lower efficiency in detecting the evaporating E-ther, but their effectiveness can be boosted by filling the Mentars' open Jewel slots. More information can be found in the section Introduction to Slotting.

If you do not have Mentars placed on your properties, whether through the 14 day construction or buying process, you will not be able to yield any resources other than Jewels. The option to create or buy Mentars is always available, simply visit your Profile page when you are ready.

Introduction to Slotting

From the Slotting tab in the Resources, Storage page, you will be able to slot Jewels from your Jewel Inventory into your properties’ Mentars.

Once Jewels are slotted into a property’s Mentar, they are able to improve that property’s effectiveness through their modifier effects. Regardless of their modifier specs, each Jewel will improve the E-ther detection rate on your property.

Note that only properties holding a Mentar will show up in the Slotting tab.


To access the Slotting tab:

  • Visit your profile’s Resources page. To do that, first open the drop-down user menu at the top right of your screen by clicking on your name/avatar, then click Resources.
  • Then open the Storage Section.
  • Select Jewels, and then Slotting from the right window menu.

    In the Slotting section you will find a list of property overviews which show the size in tiles, the E-ther detection rate in %, and the Jewels Slot Bar. It also includes a filtering system for your properties (sort by: number of tiles or alphabetical order) and a search bar.

    The Jewel Slot Bar

    The Jewel Slot Bar is where you can slot Jewels into a property by dragging and dropping them into the open slots. Slotting Jewels inside a Property’s Mentar will boost the E-ther detection rate, up to 100%.

    Jewels can be unslotted in the same way: simply drag and drop them back to the Jewel Inventory.


    Slotted Jewels are not consumable and only apply their effects on the property for as long as they remain slotted.

    Some Jewel colors interfere with each other and themselves when slotted in the same Jewel Slot Bar, which may weaken or negate some of their effects.

    A total of 15 slots are displayed, though there is currently a maximum of 12 open slots. We have reserved a number of slots for special game mechanics that will be applied in future releases.

    The number of open slots is based on the size of the property; the larger the property (in terms of the number of tiles), the more slots are available (up to the maximum amount).

    The E-ther detection rate is displayed on top of the Resource Production Display in percentage form, along with the E-ther icon.

    Hover over the display for more information on what Jewel modifiers constitute the percentage.


    When you sell a property on the Marketplace, if there are any Jewels slotted inside its Mentar, the Jewels will automatically be taken out of their slots and returned to your Jewel Inventory.

    How to claim E-ther

    When you visit your Profile page all detected E-ther from the past 48 hours will be offered for you to claim.


    Each tile has a daily chance of evaporating 1 E-ther.

  • Mentars on larger properties usually have a lower efficiency in detecting the evaporating E-ther, but their effectiveness can be boosted by filling the Mentars' open Jewel slots.
  • Detected E-ther will vanish 48 hours after evaporating on your property, so it is important to regularly visit your Profile page to claim your E-ther.
  • Once you claim your detected E-ther, you will be asked to transform it into Essence.

    When you click the Transform button, your E-ther will be turned into Essence. Not all E-ther is the same, so the same amount of E-ther can yield a rather wide range of Essence as a result. The different E-ther to Essence conversion rates for Tier 1 and Tier 2 also affect Essence generation. More information can be found under Tier 1 Properties and Essence Distribution Commitment.