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The Marketplace is the place where players can trade their properties.

To access the Marketplace, click the Marketplace button in the Navigation Bar at the top of your screen


On this page, you can search for specific offers by using filters.

Market Value History will bring you to the Country Statistics page which displays additional information about each country’s value.

Note that we will be updating the website from time to time by reworking and adding new features.


The page will show multiple results. All the properties for sale are submitted by the players of Earth 2®.

  • Tiles: Size of the property in tiles.
  • Tier: The tier of the property.
  • Class: Class number of the property.
  • Country: In which country the property is located.
  • Essence Promised: The amount of promised Essence attached to the property.
  • New Land Value: Value of a newly bought property of the same size in that country.
  • Name/Advertised Price: The property’s name and it’s price set by the selling player.
  • % vs New Land Value: Price difference between New Land Value and Advertised Price.
  • Actions: View or buy the property listed in the Marketplace.

    The View button will bring you to the property’s detail page displaying useful information about the land selected.

    The Buy button will bring you to the grid view where you will be able to review the location, size, shape and price before proceeding with the purchase.

    You will be able to pay with Account Balance where money will be subtracted from your Account Balance (white). You can add more funds to your Account Balance by visiting your profile settings page. Alternatively, you can pay with a currently supported Credit Card.

    Note that we are actively working to add more payment methods and so some services may be unavailable from time to time. If you are experiencing any issues when purchasing with your Credit Card, please contact your service provider to seek additional information. Earth 2® practices methods to reduce fraudulent transactions and unfortunately this at times causes legitimate purchasers to experience issues when buying.

    To know more about how to list your own properties in the Marketplace and bid or buy Land, please visit the previous how to