Buy new land

2022-02-12 00:12:05





To buy unowned land, click Buy Land at the top of the screen. Note, that every country has its own New Land Price which may vary over time.

To start the selection of a block region of tiles, first click a tile in the grid, then click a second tile to mark the two opposite corners of your selection.

  • Click Clear Selection to clear your selection.
  • Click Details to view detailed information about the selected region.
  • The Total price is calculated by multiplying the number of tiles selected by the current price per tile for the country.

    After selecting Details, a new section will appear next to the Map view at the bottom of the page. To buy the selected land, click on Buy Now. The total price will be the ‘Buy Now Price’ shown above the button.

    After selecting Buy Now a new window will appear. Here you can review your details and choose your preferred payment method.

  • Pay with Account Balance: Money will be subtracted from your Account Balance (white) in E$. You can add more funds to your Account Balance by visiting your profile settings page.
  • Pay with Credit Card: You can also pay directly by Credit Card. Note that we are actively working to add more payment methods. In case you are experiencing issues when purchasing with your Credit Card, please contact your service provider asking for more information.
  • You can obtain a Promo Code from other users to credit yourself back with a % of E$ in the new land purchase.

    A promotional code claims 5% of the purchase back in credits and the code owner also receives 5% of the value as a reward in credits. Be sure to click Apply after inserting the Promotional Code. You can use the code "metavirtualvr"

    In a future release, should you own T1 property, you will have access to a stronger and customizable promotional code which claims 7.5% of the purchase back and grants the owner 7.5% of the purchase as a reward.

    Be sure to click Apply after inserting the Promotional Code.

    Note, that:

  • You cannot use your own Promotional Code.
  • The Promotion Code only applies to New Land purchases, not user to user purchases.


    After purchasing land you will receive an email notification with the details.

    Additionally, you can check the Transactions page for a complete and detailed list of your account’s operations. Click the top right of your screen, select your username/avatar and then click Transactions. The property will also appear on your profile page after a short period of time.


    You can later review and edit your properties on your Profile and Insights pages.

    Click in the top right of your screen, select your username/avatar and then Profile or Insights.

    Note that Properties can be one of two Tiers, Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 2 Properties can be purchased from Earth 2 and can also be traded in the Marketplace. Currently Tier 1 Properties can only be acquired by purchasing them from a Tier 1 Property owner in the marketplace.