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What we do

Creating new economic and creative opportunities for billions of people around the world takes more than just technology

Blockchain Platform for Games

We’re building a complete set of technologies, tools, and services that erase any barriers to entry to blockchain technology — for developers, players, and fans.

Equity-Free Developer Fund

Our grant fund for game creators is designed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, and more quickly bring its benefits to the masses.

Advocacy and Education

We take an active role in the community to help others better understand blockchain and NFT technology, their use in games, and the positive impact they bring.

NFTs for Games

We provide the easiest way to start building a sustainable and resilient value foundation for your game, players, and community.

Parallel Revenue

Have an existing game? Create new revenue streams to complement existing ones, while also rewarding your players and fans.

Scalable Economics

Start with NFTs today and build up to a rich token economy, or do a deep integration on day one — every game is different.

The Best of DeFi

Our marketplace technology and exchange services include novel safeguards and security, and unparalleled liquidity for all

Seamless Wallet

It all starts here: we greatly simplify the first vital step in enabling the community to own and manage digital assets in games.

Built-in Compliance

We take care of the complex but critical regulatory compliance components — AML, KYC, and more — so you don’t have to.

Benefits of the Forte Platform

Community Economics

Today’s games are built on economic models that are unsustainable in the future for many in the game industry. We’re dedicated to rewriting the rules and building an entirely new type of economic platform that sets community ownership, participation, and growth as its starting point—and its end. By rewarding developers, players, and publishers who contribute to the network’s health, a new era of community-focused game economies can emerge. 

We believe Forte’s community-owned platform must be inclusive, independent, and interoperable. That’s why we’re weaving cross-chain and cross-platform functionality into the fabric of our platform, erasing any barriers to entry for community members, and ensuring that our platform will continuously improve and serve the community as new protocols, tools, and standards arise.

Open and Interoperable

Community Governance

Our aim is to create a transparent, intuitive, and sensible governance framework that ensures no one person or group can control the Forte platform or network, and that actions which are in the best interests of the larger community are rewarded. We’re working tirelessly to find the right rules and mechanisms necessary to create such an unprecedented but vital governance system. 


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