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Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments








Investment risk


Long-term expectations



Multiple options to earn money

7,5% for T1 properties. 5% referral system on every purchase made by you or your friends

The Earth 2 community is extremely active and collaborative


Earth 2 is not decentralized

The value of your property does not normally coincide with its sale value

There is no public roadmap

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Earth 2 pretends a second earth in a futuristic way. A virtual and physical metaverse in which the geolocations of the world correspond digitally. We can buy, sell, customize and own these lands at 1:1 scale of the earth.

Phase 1 is already complete, we are in phase 2 with the release of resources. There are also the jewels, which enhance the production of resources among other things. There will therefore be an economic simulation designed to provide Earth 2 with all the materials necessary to build this odyssey.

Resources are fundamental in Earth 2, they allow you to trade and build and they are also an essential part of the metaverse video game economically speaking.

All of these are part of an ecosystem and are a critical component in the whole Earth 2 metaverse and its functioning. Resources can also be traded digitally and the demand will cause the prices of these resources to rise dramatically. This will create extrinsic value for the creations and the digital assets associated with it.

By creating real-world geolocations, there will be a close link between virtual and physical reality. In addition, Earth 2 has meticulously created a linkage of the resources that impact the ecosystem by matching the deposits of these resources. 

They are therefore a reliable source of data that we will program over time on a global scale.


Resources Earth 2

Earth 2 How to generate Essence token

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 1: Set your properties up for jewels

Properties with the right jewels generate significantly more Essence than those without. In order for jewels to be embedded in your properties you first need Mentars installed. 

This process takes 14 days, but then all mentars on all your past and future properties will be installed. If you cannot wait those 14 days, you can purchase mentars on each property individually – a rather expensive endeavor.

Once installed, Mentars can hold jewels to increase Essence. The jewels have to be those called Sunset or Jamaica. In order to get those jewels you need to craft them by combining other basic jewels. See the Glossary and FaQ page on jewels for more information. Basic jewels are generated each day by owning Tier 1 land – which brings us to the next tip.

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 2: Upgrading tiles from grade 2 to grade 1

Each tile has a tier of either 1 or 2. Tier 1 tiles generate both tax income, jewels, as well as more Essence than tier 2 properties. Tiles bought after December 4th 2021 are by default tier 2, but they can be upgraded to tier 1 using essence. This is highly recommended as the initial Essence investment is quickly returned.

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 3: Buy lots of small (one tile) properties rather than big (multi-tile) ones

One tile properties allow you to fit one jewel on it, whereas larger tile properties have less room for jewels per tile. Since jewels grant you more Essence the more 1 tile properties you have, the better.

Essence is the future cryptocurrency of Earth2 and it’s already available for collection/mining inside the Earth2 metaverse. As a part of Earth2’s early adopter rewards, Earth2 made an Essence Distribution Commitment (EDC) with any user who bought a virtual plot of land in Earth2, guaranteeing them a minimum essence from each of their properties. This reward is applicable only for Tier1 land bought from Earth2 before 3rd December 2021.

20% of the total promised essence was delivered to all users in December 2021, which was more like an airdrop of cryptocurrency.

The rest of the Essence is to be collected from Earth2 by logging in every day.

If you purchase any T1 land from the marketplace with some essence left in the property, you will be able to collect the remaining essence from the land. Whatever was collected earlier remains with the seller.

What is Earth 2

What use have the jewels?

There are three components required to make these second-tier jewels.

  1. Original jewels (Blue, Black, Red, Grey, etc)
  2. Shards — Which are created by Shattering (breaking down) original jewels
  3. Essence

Using various combinations of the above three, you would be able to build various forms of new jewels.

Failed attempts to create rare Jewels will destroy the original Jewels and create shards. Shards can be re-combined to make original Jewels but will cost you essence. So follow Earth2 community users to get working recipes to avoid this scenario.

What’s the use of crafting rare jewels

  1. They can be sold in the bazaar for profit
  2. They can be used to improve resource production, once it starts
  3. Jamaica, Sunset, and Sunrise Jewels have the capability to increase E-ther creation by +2. So these are Jewel you should concentrate on now.
  4. They can be used in soon to be announced PVP games
  5. They are going to make jewels more rare and scarce, thereby increasing the value of Jewels

Jewel Recipes:

There are 12 total recipes which you can view in the diagram below:


  • Level 2 jewels of basic colors can be formed by combining 3 level 1 jewel of the same color. You must ensure the jewels are added to 3 different slots.
  • Purple and orange jewels can be formed by the combination of two-level 2 jewels (as given in the diagram)
  • Jamaica, sunset, and sunrise are three important jewels that can help in the production of e-ther and it requires three level 2 jewels as ingredients.
  • Sunset jewel uses a purple jewel, orange jewels, and a sandy jewel. So remember to craft purple and orange jewels in advance.

    How are shards made?

    Shards can get created during the below 3 scenarios:

  • Destroying a jewel
  • As leftovers, while creating a new jewel
  • When a jewel creation fails
  • How to get jewels?:

    If you own land, it automatically produces jewels free of cost. You can also buy jewels directly from Bazzar in Earth2 once you verify your profile.

    How to get Essence?

    If you own land and have Mentars installed in it, it will produce Ether, which can be converted to Essence. 3 types of jewels — Jamaica, Sunset, and Sunrise also help land produce more essence. Essence needs to be collected daily.

In addition, new level 3 gems have been introduced to help you generate essence and many other resources.


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2022-01-02 12:59:19

Very intresting project, in few years will become like ready Player one








2021-09-10 13:15:23

At the moment it is very speculative and for many, it is difficult to visualise a finished house when all you can see are the foundations. However, I believe the foundations are solid and the progress (although slow) is steady and positive. The thing that I always say to people when they ask me about E2 is to look at it like a music band: most people only get to hear a new band when they start playing gigs. Earth 2 are just learning to play. Have faith and you will be rewarded with greatness!








2021-09-10 12:48:25

Awesome one!







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