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Crypto Country


What is Criptocountry ?

The game is a multiplayer game that will allow 50 to 100 people to play simultaneously and compete to define who generates better constructions and, based on that, earn more money. Through this system, Cripto Country will reward players who fulfill specific tasks. With this modality, the objective is to "create an eConomy based on NFT technology for all those gamers who do not earn money playing other projects". This eConomy is based on the constant interaction between users who will collect raw materials to build on their digital terrains.

The digital terrains will be the first investment good within Crypto Country and it is what will allow users to carry out constructions within them. In turn, these lands -which are unique and limited- will form, as a whole, the cities of this world. These digital spaces will have their own property titles.


To play in PvE mode players must purchase the Land and Equipment NFTs. Currently, Lands can be purchased from up to three different "Cities" out of the 7 that will be available for sale. Users can generate UTW by working and playing in the activities of each Terrain: agricultural from Bitcoin City, resource extraction from Ethereum City, automotive from BNB City, industrials from Solana City, biochemical from Luna City, technology of comunication from Polygon City and zoological from Doge City.

To play in PVP mode players must purchase the corresponding Equipment NFTs for each arena. Users can generate UTW by playing and betting in each game, combat, shooting, science fiction, racing, telekinesis, magic, sports and strategy arenas.


PVP MODE (Player vs Player)

  • Combat Arena
    Combat with bladed weapons, firearms and magic.
    Weapon NFTs are required.
  • Races
    Racing on closed or open circuits.
    Vehicle NFTs are required.
  • Strategy
    Confrontations in board games such as cards and chess.
    NFTs of decks of cards and boards are required.


The games are played in "1vs1" or "5vs5" modes and are either "Casual" or "Competitive".

  • 1 vs 1 Mode
    In the 1vs1 mode, players face each other in a 3 round duel in Casual matches, and 5 rounds in Competitive matches.
  • 5 vs 5 Mode
    In 5vs5 mode, players face each other in a 3-round team battle in casual matches, and 5 rounds in competitive matches.
  • Casuales Matches
    In Casual matches, players have no risk and will not get any extra benefit. After each match, regardless of its outcome, the "Player Level" will increase, which will allow them to face players of the same level.
  • Competitives Matches
    In competitive matches, players must pay an "Arena Tribute" with their UTW. If the combatants lose the match, they will not recover those UTW. If the fighters win the match, they will recover the total of their UTW, plus they will get 50% of what the losers gave as Tribute. After each match, depending on their result, they will increase or decrease their "Player Rank", which will allow them to face players of the same rank.
  • Example
    Player 1 pays a Tribute of 50 UTW
    Player 2 pays a Tribute of 50 UTW
    1. The winner of the arena gets his 50 UTW back and earns 50% of his opponent UTW.
    2. The other 50% UTW goes back to the Crypto Country system.
    3. That is, assuming the winner was Player 1, the total UTW he won was 25 UTW and Player 2 lost 50 UTW.


The matchmaking system allows players to face opponents of the same level in casual matches or the same rank in competitive matches. Players who wish to watch the fights or are waiting for their turn in matchmaking, have a free entrance to the stands of any arena. Already as spectators they can view the statistics of the fighters, to decide which player to bet on, with their UTW. If the gamblers lose, they will not get back any of the UTW bets. If the gamblers win, they will get back the UTW bet and get an extra profit.


Equipment NFTs are a necessary prerequisite for combat. Any equipment NFT can serve as a weapon. The player must use the one that best suits his style of play.


  • Faction Temples
    The "Faction Temples" are two areas of great importance. Members of the "Bullish" in the Bull Temple and the "Bearish" in the Bear Temple, can approach to pray and praise the Beasts, to obtain their blessings.
  • Training Field
    The "Training Field" is where players must go through the tutorial before entering PvP combat, in which the initial actions are explained step by step as they are performed. Players have the possibility to return to the Training Field as many times as they want, to continue trying out moves and perfecting their combat techniques.




  • Binance Smart Chain


  • ERC 721


  • All Smart Contracts will be reviewed for any security issues or unreliable behavior that may occur. The company will have all Smart Contracts audited.

NFT Campaigns

  • “Campaigns" are events that occur from time to time, where there will be enabled the purchase of a limited amount of NFTs.


  • The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), allows investors to take part in important decisions throughout the development of the project. This decentralized organization allows to raise proposals through the payment of a commission that acts as a filter, and gives voting power to NFT Land holders at the rate of one vote per land, thus giving greater preponderance to those who invest more, without losing the consensus of the majority. All these decisions are embodied in the Blockchain and are controlled by immutable smart contracts.

Tokens Presale (ICO TEST 1)

The selling price of our ICO will be 0.20 USDT = 1 UTC and every 200,000 USDT of UTC sold the value will increase by 1%.

Early stage investors take the highest risk, therefore they are rewarded by acquiring the token at a low price.

The first ICO took place on 10/03/2022 to test the operation of the smart contract and Vesting for one month. There was no private sale and no marketing tools were used. This will be the case for ICO 2.

Once the test is done and everything is working properly, we will move forward.

Tokens Presale (ICO 2)

For hiring, audits and other development expenses, we will not use the capital raised from the sale of tokens in the ICO, the funding will come from the sale of land. The total capital we raised in the test ICO 1 and the capital we will raise in ICO 2 will be used 100% for market liquidity.

ICO Sales Percentage

The goal is to reach a sale of 35% of the total supply of the token, an amount of 350,000,000 UTC within the ICO.

ICO 2 Sales Strategy

  • Private Launchpads.
  • Crypto world advertising media.
  • Attention of Big Wallets through social networks.
  • Crypto Influencers/Youtubers.
  • Disruptive event through community.

Services to other metaverses

Cripto Country will service other metaverses with its infrastructure, virtual maps, marketplace and UTC itself.

“UTW” Internal Economics

To produce the metaverse's internal currency, "UTW" (Unit Trade Work), users must play in PVE (Player and Environment) mode, in which, in order to continue generating profits, they will have to reinvest part of their UTW. They will also be able to play in PvP (Player vs Player) mode, in which they can win or lose UTW, in case they win or are defeated by their opponents. Users can exchange their "UTW" for "UTC" (Unit Trade Coin) on the (Unit Trade Coin) on the website.

After that they will be able to exchange them on the exchanges linked to the project. Users who own NFTs have the right to use them as they see fit and sell them as they see fit. Users who do not own NFTs, must get access to them from an owner of NFTs, otherwise they must acquire them on their own in order to generate UTW. For all users, the option to create a "Task Force" is available within the metaverse. This feature allows investors who own NFTs to form a group of scholarship workers/players to use their NFTs on their behalf to generate UTW. The scholarship holders earn a percentage of the UTW generated, which the investors will set at their own discretion.



UTW (Unit Trade Work)

The function of UTW is to be the currency of regular use within the metaverse, it will be the token that users will obtain for their activities and the one they will use for in-game purchases. It will have an unlimited supply, controlling its inflation based on demand and periodic burning of part of the commissions and transactions within the Metaverse.

UTC (Unit Trade Coin)

UTC is the cryptocurrency created for Cripto Country. Its main function is to be the currency with which to make purchases in the marketplace. It can also be exchanged for UTW for transactions within the metaverse.

It will have a maximum supply of UTC, with a distributed issuance in time to facilitate the transactions of the new users of the metaverse. It will have a maximum and deflationary supply, given by the periodic burning of part of the commissions.

Within the Marketplace, for each purchase/sale of NFTs, a commission of 1 UTC is charged. The UTC burn will come from network transactions (commissions). 20% of the commissions will be used for UTC burning. On a bimonthly basis, the accumulated commissions will be taken and sent to an inaccessible network address. In this way, this process will be carried out bimonthly, until 40% of the total supply is burned, generating a deflationary model over time.

Example: If, on a bimonthly basis, the total commissions are 10.000.000 UTC, 20% of these UTC = 2.000.000 UTC will be burned.



  • Public Sale: 60%
  • Strategic Reserve: 17%
  • Core Team: 12%
  • Development Team: 8%
  • Marketing: 2%
  • Advisors: 1%

Founders and Developers tokens

These tokens will not be used by any part of the team until the proper economic functioning of the project, as well as the technical development. The tokens will not be used, showing that UTC is a token with a long-term bullish outlook. Both founders and developers are the first to take care of the economy of all criptonians.


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