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CSD is a video game based on NFT blockchain technology, where players use their celebrities (NFTs) in a turn-based battle system in order to cancel their opponents' roster.


What is CSD?

After putting our degenerate heads together, we set out to create an NFT
card game we've titled Celebrity Smack Down (referenced as CSD).
Inspired by the MTV show “Celebrity Deathmatch”, CSD is here to parody
the absurdities of fame and the current climate of cancel culture.

CSD is a video game based on NFT blockchain technology, where players
use their celebrities (NFTs) in a turn-based battle system in order to
cancel their opponents' roster.

What makes CSD NFTs special is that the cards are connected to a specific and unique
tweet of the corresponding celebrity and with its twitter feed. CSD NFTs change power
levels based on the number of followers the celebrities gain which impacts their
effectiveness in game. This functionality is the first step into what we are calling NFT 2.0
which are NFTs with external data attached to them that change their properties. How we
achieved adding data into mNFTs will be documented in a technical write up which will be
out before the end of the year along with sample code.

CSD also serves as a research project to further
community knowledge of NFTs on the nervos blockchain
(known as mNFTs) as well as a trailblazer for NFT games
on the Nervos blockchain. We will be sharing as much as
we can about our research in the forms of blog post,
code samples, and tutorials.

Nervos Ecosystem


1 - Buy nfts (CKB)
2- Win games / do quests / Lease your land to...
3- Earn slammies
4- Trade slammies for GG token or use slammies for powerups/renting a land
5- Sell gg token / stack gg token / use gg token


1. The use of two or more accounts
per person.
2.The use of any type of "cheat" or
assisted aid, whether electronic or
not. For example, bots, cheats, etc.
3. Auction Transfer of NFT between
accounts using third party software
other than the official marketplace.
4. Make abuse of bugs or errors.


1. To share your account with a friend
or to use it in multiple devices (not
at the same time).
2. To lend your celebrities to new
players via the Scholarships system.
3. The use of tools that could be
replaced by a pencil and a paper,
like card-counters.




The GG token works as a token that can be rewarded by playing any game of the Gravity
Gaming ecosystem (CSD being the first release).

1. Supply of 3 billion token.
2. 1bn Tokens get emitted in epochs of X weeks.
3. We will implement to a staking model once we’ve reached a certain milestone
of emission.

GG tokens will be able to be staked, be used to vote for the community fund, and get
airdropped free NFTs.


Token Distribution

Investors : 200 mill
Team : 150 mill
Community Fund : 150 mill
Staking Rewards : 1500 mill
Player earned tokens : 1000 mill



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