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CEEK's Vision of an interconnected virtual reality world







What is Ceek?

CEEK is an award winning developer of premium social virtual and augmented reality experiences. Our mission is empowering creators with the tools needed to generate new revenue streams from their artistry digitally. We pride ourselves on helping music artists, athletes, event creators and makers create exquisite direct to fan experiences that delight and drive long term sustainable engagement within existing and emerging virtual worlds.

CEEK simulates the communal experience of attending a live concert, being in a classroom, attending a sporting event and other ‘money can’t buy’ exclusive experiences with friends from anywhere at anytime.

CEEK VR let’s you interact, connect and enjoy 360 videos, True 3D and other experiences in a fully immersive virtual world.

Step into a dynamic environment that magnifies and reacts to events inside the video on screen; Get up-close and personal with your favorite bandsor enjoy seeing yourself inside a VR experience with friends.

Don’t just watch it, actually be there virtually!

Making virtual reality universally accessible and enjoyable for everyone


  • Immersive learning is astronomically more effective than conventional methods of training available today. CEEK VR Classrooms and CEEK Health offer a brand new alternative to traditional learning.

  • CEEK Virtual Reality offers Content Creators the opportunity to distribute and monetize their digital assets in a fully immersive virtual environment.
  • Our backend video management system will soon be available for easy VR content management even for those without any developer or coding experience.

  • CEEK’s highly scalable social experiences enable synchronous/peer to peer multiuser interaction in an illustrative environment featuring photorealistic avatars. CEEK bridges the gap between gameplay and social networking.

The CEEK world is fully reactive and uses AI and machine learning to automatically detect the video’s content, look and feel and enhances the environment to reflect the media that is playing. For example while singing about rain, it starts to rain in the environment.

GEO AND SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE*The environment reflects the time of day. Users will be able to manually set the time of day to daytime or nighttime, rainy and much more.


CEEK VR Headset

The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset is a simple easy to use mobile Virtual Reality glasses that is compatible with most iPhone & android smartphones.

Simply insert your phone with the CEEK VR APP OR ANY OTHER APP from the iOS or android store and enjoy. Perfect for the everyday Mobile VR user.

Our specially formulated high-end lenses offers great HD viewing resolution. Virtual viewing simulates 1,000in screen display with ample room for eyeglasses, 360° immersive 3D viewing and lightweight with fully adjustable straps.

CEEK provides a VR APP with exclusive music concerts from top artists. Discover amazing games, 360 videos and other experiences from the iOS or android with your CEEK VR headset.


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