State 1 is one of the most promising mega-cities in the Earth 2 environment. It is presented as a state, the only one present in Earth 2 that plans to attract large companies and investors having themselves the backing of some of these large companies existing in Earth 1.

The city is based on life size, a large park in the center of the city in the "Big Apple" style to be able to enjoy a nice walk in the green or a nice picnic.
What would you say? Do you want to see a good match? A concert? A race? Don't worry, there's everything you want!
Are you wondering how you can make money with us? There will also be that possibility in our business center! Instead, if you want to catapult yourself into a Vegas-style neighborhood you will only have to try your luck, rolling dice or playing cards will be your choice! Banks, clubs, shops...
Our fantastic S1 will have it all, with most of 3x3 lots, 900 square meters for all the activities that can be entered, and for those who instead vote to be a citizen and take advantage of the activities lots at special prices we will have lots of 1 (100sqm) or 2x1 (200sqm) or 3x3 (900sqm) all with access road. The choice is yours! You can check State 1 here :

Normal Citizen
Our borders are already defined, buy your plot as close as possible to the city center, or try to make us your proposal, who knows maybe it will be your lucky day!
VIP Citizen
For every $ 100 spent on Earth 2 with our referral code (RI4MJ8309S), you will receive a luxury property of your choice (1x1 tile).
You will also be a VIP citizen.

Founders :
Davide Sanna:
Architect and creator of the city
Developer project. Graphic designer and brokerage manager

Andrea Bandera:
Investor management
Passionate about technology is an important young Italian businnesman. Developer project.

Andrea Lussu:
Events manager
Project developer, passionate and practitioner of music and sport, he will take care of everything related to the cultural and sporting
Marcello Mura :
Architect and developer of the city structure
He takes care of every little detail.
Gian Walter Dal Padullo:
Human resources and business negotiations
Important entrepreneur and administrator of the Earth1.
Matteo Aramu:
Investor and supervisor
The young man of the group, a lot of initiative and management skills.
Salvatore Soggiu:
Financing partner of the project
A man everyone would like in the group! A successful entrepreneur.