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Chapter 11 | Zardun, an enclave of luxury and sustainability a resort, a sanctuary: Zardun, NEOM's brand new proposal, stands as a haven for nature and wildlife, conceived to provide an unparalleled ecotourism experience to the most select guests. Harmony between luxury and nature: Located on the Red Sea

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Chapter 10 | Aquellum, the subway digitalization emerges as a jewel of luxury and experience, masterfully integrated into the majestic mountains of northwestern Saudi Arabia, being the newest and most striking addition to the ongoing regional development. With its roots rooted in cutting-edge technology, innovative architecture

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Chapter 9 | Norlana, a community with heart WHAT IS NORLANANEOM has unveiled Norlana, a new active lifestyle community in Saudi Arabia. This luxury destination will feature 711 properties, including mansions, apartments and beach villas, with the capacity to accommodate 3,000 residents. In addition, a 120-berth marina

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Chapter 6 | Epicon, a one-of-a-kind sanctuary

WHAT IS EPICON ? In addition to challenging the most demanding architecture and providing a first class accommodation service, this infrastructure composed of 2 high towers of 225 and 275 meters high respectively, will have a luxury hotel with 41

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Chapter 8 | Siranna, the union of nature and design

What is Siranna embodies the perfect fusion of elegance and innovation, offering an uncompromising lifestyle. This luxurious destination, located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, will be home to a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences.With a stepped

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After more than 15 years of experience behind a computer in the field of E-sports , my specialty currently encompasses the entire ecosystem of the Metaverse . From virtual projects to the most unknown tools that help to generate the ecosystem based on AI , Blockchain or IoT .
I give face-to-face and online conferences all over Europe and LATAM. The conferences can be general and introductory or technical and sectorized.
I also advise companies, independent professionals and small groups of users or investors on how to proceed in such a disruptive environment where there is high speculation and high risk.

Speaker at:
鉁旓笍 Roberto Verino ( Madrid ) 馃摑 Metaverse in the textile sector
鉁旓笍 Kosmik Coworking ( Barcelona ) 馃摑Ecosystem Metaverse
鉁旓笍 Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas ( Madrid ) 馃摑 Metaverse for companies
鉁旓笍 Blockworld Tour ( Cartagena ) 馃摑 Origin and Evolution of the Metaverse
鉁旓笍 Polkadot World Tour ( Madrid and Barcelona ) 馃摑 Metaverse Ecosystem
鉁旓笍 NFT Awards Festival ( Barcelona ) 馃摑 Metaverse and digital art
鉁旓笍 Mexico online Summit 馃摑 Metaverse at world level
鉁旓笍 Mexico SVR Overnia ( Queretaro, Mexico ) 馃摑 Metaverse, wellness and health
鉁旓笍 Metaplay Iris Day ( Pamplona ) 馃摑 Metaverse for the European Innovation Center of Navarre
鉁旓笍 Pakistan online Summit 馃摑 Metaverse in the Middle East
鉁旓笍 NITH Congress ( Pamplona ) 馃摑 Metaverse and business innovation
鉁旓笍 Navarre Government Employment Fair ( Tudela, Navarra ) 馃摑 Employability
鉁旓笍 Employment Fair Gov. of Navarra ( Pamplona , Navarra ) 馃摑 Employability and AI
鉁旓笍 Meta World Congress ( Madrid ) 馃摑 Metaverse and its sectors
鉁旓笍 OVHCLOUD & AMD ( Barcelona ) 馃摑 New technologies that are driving the gaming industry
鉁旓笍 Dext Force Festival Defi Congress by Dextools 馃摑 Music & Full Web 3 Experience








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