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AtomicHub is split into an Explorer that lets you browse through all the AtomicAssets NFTs, a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs, a Trading section, and perhaps most excitingly a NFT Creator.







What is Atomichub ?

AtomicHub is an interface for the NFT standard AtomicAssets that we developed. AtomicAssets focuses on usability, both for developers and users, and RAM efficiency. Among the most important features for users are that RAM costs are paid fully be the NFT creators (never by the users), and the powerful two sided trade offers.

AtomicHub is split into an Explorer that lets you browse through all the AtomicAssets NFTs, a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs, a Trading section, and perhaps most excitingly a NFT Creator.

The NFT Creator allows anyone to create their own NFTs without any required coding knowledge. We have already seen a large influx of artists creating NFTs on WAX and we are excited to see what the EOS community will create!

  • The World Asset eXchange (WAX) is a purpose-built blockchain for trading digital assets.
  • WAX specializes in NFT trading and GameFi applications, leading the industry in daily active users and transaction count.
  • Through the use of a delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, WAX is able to provide high throughput and security while maintaining a small carbon footprint.
  • WAX is the first blockchain to be certifiably carbon neutral through the tokenization of physical consumer goods in its NFT marketplace.


Key Insights

Top Collections

Collection Sales Volume
1. farmersworld 5,388,237 443,671,023 WAX
2. alien.worlds 5,716,281 189,754,057 WAX
3. rplanet 124,920 102,553,125 WAX
4. farmingtales 206,638 100,708,772 WAX
5. mlb.topps 629,225 84,348,160 WAX
6. colonizemars 516,356 41,316,552 WAX
7. kogsofficial 673,651 40,377,451 WAX
8. bitcoinorign 37,913 38,945,341 WAX
9. bcbrawlers 139,185 37,335,735 WAX
10. stf.capcom 525,568 24,083,412 WAX
11. splintrlands 165,503 23,582,600 WAX
12. greenrabbit 136,791 20,982,949 WAX
13. goldmandgame 35,103 20,382,910 WAX
14. warspacegame 34,674 18,604,843 WAX
15. officialhero 144,219 16,498,724 WAX
16. xpansiongame 69,927 15,820,824 WAX
17. spacecraftxc 15,709 15,179,376 WAX
18. darkcountryh 190,966 14,897,386 WAX
19. metalwargame 25,961 12,959,528 WAX
20. novarallywax 147,447 12,766,851 WAX


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