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What is Arker?

Arker is a game which will place you in the role of controlling a hero with his pet in order to regain control of the kingdom of Ohm. Skills, runes, equipment, characters, pets and incredible PVP / PVE content will make your stay in Ohm unforgettable


Arker: The legend of Ohm it is a game in which you will choose the type of character that best suits you along with the pets that will accompany you through our world of Ohm.

The Arker team has created a universe where you can enjoy both, the individual experience and with friends, conducting PVP and PVE battles and guild wars to decide who is the owner of Ohm's kingdom.

All the internal mechanisms are designed to make Arker a game that is economically beneficial for players and at the same time fun and competitive.

We have redefined the current metaverses in a universe of gaming personalization and cooperation.



Arker offers a game of skill and strategy, which is why it will focus on E-sports competition by making tournaments and partners with big brands.

There will also be normal competition having an Elo system and leagues which will reward players depending on where they finish each season.

Arker is the main governance token that will be used to shape the future of the metaverse.

Arker will also be used to purchase in-game pets and also breed them (2 pets are required to enable the play2earn).

BSC contract address: 0x9c67638c4Fa06FD47fB8900fC7F932f7EAB589De



Fragments Of Arker (FoA) is the main currency of the metaverse. Earn it by doing daily quest, playing PVE and defeating other players in the arena. FoA will is also used to purchase ingame items like weapons, abilities, tickets, etc

BSC contract address: 0xAe7300B51A8cd43D5B74be0DD5047715B7017E3e



Unlock characters

The races and characters that compose them will increase over time. That is why the new characters that appear must be unlocked.

To unlock you must play a number of games with which you will get a summoning stone. With it you can unlock a character or sell it on the Arker marketplace.



In Arker there will be different races, each race will have different characters which will have different abilities / aspects / stories.

We currently have 3 races:

  • Berserker: Are powerful warriors, strong as animals, who are used to fight half-naked carrying bloody shields and don't hesitate to bite their enemies if they have the chance.

  • Alchemist: Are cult and intelligent investigators, studious of the old protocience doctrines. They spend most of their time working in their basements, where they study ancient books and scrolls.

  • Izarian: Are recognized for their incredible physical prowess and acrobatics, as well as his amazing mimetic capacities. They use light and curved blades, perfect for attacking without giving an option.


Game Modes ( PVP + PVE )


Launch into our arena and compete against other players in real time. Compete to be the best among all!

Join the arena and play vs other heroes managed by other players in realtime.



Players in PVP will be able to compete against other players. For this we will save all the statics in a leaderboard with winrates, games played, classes played.

Compete to be the best!



The Ohm world is full of strange monsters, fight daily to clean our city from unwanted visitors and gain awesome rewards at the same time you level up your character.

Fight versus monsters every time you want to train your character and win rewards. Every day at 3:00 AM UTC all the heroes of Ohm City will get their stamina recharged, whenever you battle a monster you will use stamina, if you defeat the monster and you're using stamina you will win FoA. You can also play without stamina, you will win experience but not FoA.

Every time you defeat a monster the next one will be more difficult, this reset everyday too.


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