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At its core, the AlterVerse is an interconnected world and game creation platform


What is the AlterVerse?

At its core, the AlterVerse is an interconnected world and game creation platform. Think “decentralized Metaverse made by the users”. Gamers can simply play, go on adventures, and explore, or take it a step farther and buy a pre-made Metaverse node, launch it from their home PC, and immediately connect to our network to be accessible worldwide via our server browser interface — in a truly decentralized metaverse!

Soon, players will be able to modify their worlds or create them from scratch and add pre-made game mechanics if they choose.

All AlterVerse games are multi-player and feature tokenized skins, servers, and memberships using the Enjin platform. Play-to-Earn features are being added as well.

We at AlterVerse Inc. support small businesses, indie artists and developers. We believe in a decentralized future and are creating the AlterVerse with those values in mind. We will be featuring the work of hundreds of indie artists and providing a way for them to promote and display their work either in the worlds we build or in the various NFT Art galleries we are creating.

We have developed several systems you won’t find in most blockchain games, such as:

True decentralized server architecture

Integrated marketplace for NFT’s

Monetization system for registered server owners

Fully customizable male and female avatars

First and third person options

Day/Night cycles

Weather systems — Rain, Snow, Thunder

Interactive, talking NPCs

Built-in voice chat

Think of AlterVerse servers as nodes on a vast, decentralized, yet interconnected network built by the people who traverse it.


For the past several months we have been quietly (sorry about that) migrating to the Unreal Engine. We are now completing work on three exciting worlds which will be released in early 2022.

First up is a dazzling, retro sci-fi hub called Sky City pictured above. Alpha access to our Sky City demo will be given to many AlterVerse Citizens before the end of this year. We will be seeking people who have an interest in being on the City Council and bringing them in first.

Our first blockchain game, Disruption, is being recreated with a few interesting twists while, simultaneously, we are finishing up a new Sci-fi survival game code-named Rekt.

The new AlterVerse will be built on Efinity and will include new Play to Earn mechanics and lots of fun things to do! Of course, all previously purchased NFT’s and skins will be honored and featured on the new AlterVerse worlds.

Details, screenshots and video of all of the progress will be released on each of the games/worlds over the coming days and weeks!



The AlterVerse is a gaming and game creation universe currently in development. Our goal is to create a vast alternate universe where the players are also the creators and bring the power of game creation back to the people with an interconnected, decentralized server architecture.

Disruption is the first game in a series we will create to populate the universe. It's a First Person Shooter, single and multi-player game set aboard massive 'Disrupter' space ships hosted by YOU.

The AlterVerse features something totally new to the game industry; Limited Edition, numbered Citizenships and Limited Edition, numbered Game Servers powered by the blockchain.

Game servers allow you to host a copy of the game, in this case a huge ship, and earn Arns (in-game currency) as people play the game. In Disruption, the game server is a Disrupter ship. Only 2001 Disrupter ships will ever be created and released into the AlterVerse. You can own one now, host it yourself, and go down in history as one of the great pioneering Captains of the AlterVerse! As a ship owner, you'll be able to set the fee in Arns for others to play and put a little 'booty' in your pocket. Soon we will tokenize the Arn. You'll be able to create an Alliance and recruit your own crew. You can also set the difficulty level to raid your ship by choosing how many AI Defenders to allocate. Each Disrupter ship is completely customizable with 10 different wall textures, 10 floor textures, 10 ceiling textures, and 9 lighting color options. You can customize each of the 32 crew rooms, the Mess Hall, Mama Bahama's Lounge, the Ship's Hull color, and more! These Limited Edition ships will be tracked on the EOS blockchain and tradeable in our market in the coming months.



If being the Captain of your own ship is a bit more responsibility than you want, you can become a Citizen of the AlterVerse. A Citizenship includes a copy of the game client to access the game servers. Each Limited Edition Citizenship comes with a unique Citizen number and access to all future games in the AlterVerse for FREE! When the platform is complete, Citizenships will only be available as a monthly subscription. Because you're getting a Limited Edition Citizenship here on Kickstarter, you'll never pay that fee!

Also as a Citizen, you'll have an awesome time raiding other ships, joining an Alliance, and competing for the best time in the Quest for the Keys! You'll be able to completely customize your avatar, both male and female, with a variety of hair styles and colors, eye colors, face shapes, skin tones, make-up, scars, tattoos, and more! These Limited Edition Citizenships will be tracked on the EOS blockchain and tradeable in our market in the near future.


If raiding other ships isn't your cup of tea, you'll be able to play the single-player, timed, Quest for the Keys, and save your ship from certain destruction! Battle monsters, solve riddles, and beat your own time or others' time in a heart-pounding, mind-bending, eight layered quest!

GAME SERVERS - Run your own game and stake your claim!


  • VR Compatibility: We have made the game compatible with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive for full on VR immersion, however, you DO NOT need VR Gear to play.
  • Customizable Avatars: Male & Female. Customize hair, eyes, make-up, face shape, skin tone, tattoos, war paint, shoes, clothing, and accessories.
  • Voice Chat: Ranged and directional voice chat. Also, Team Voice chat is available where needed .
  • Quest System: Find and collect items to complete a quest. Quests and parts of quests can be timed.
  • Material Customizer: Our Customizer allows people to customize any model created for the system by changing the texture with the click of a button.
  • Food /Health System: Food Items are consumable and restore health.
  • Hand to Hand Combat System: Avatars have multiple punch and kick animations that, when used, cause damage to other players they come in contact with.
  • Weapons System: Players can use an extremely wide range of weapons types including; thrown weapons, fired weapons, and multiple melee weapons like swords and staffs. We even have dual wielding and left handed weapons. Fired weapons include everything from a pirate’s flintlock , to a plasma blaster to the trusty bow and arrow. Let’s not forget about grenades.
  • Hit Boxes: We’ve separated the player body into multiple hit boxes for a variety of damage and damage animations depending on which hit box is struck.
  • Ranks & Stats System: This system tracks all players ranks based on multiple variables.
  • Damage Objects System: We’ve created objects that can move, rotate, and cause damage if they come in contact with a player.
  • Alliance System: For the purpose of co-op competitions where one team plays against another, we’ve created a system for players to create an Alliance/Team and invite friends and others to join.
  • Fishing System: Where ever there’s a body of water, you can cast a line and catch fish, or boots, or other surprising things that might be lurking under the surface.*
  • Hunting System: On some worlds we have animals that can be hunted for their hide or horns or meat. The items received can then be traded for other items of value.*
  • Crafting System: For the purpose of our survival game genre we’ve added the ability for players to find or buy raw materials, and craft them into usable items.*
  • Physics Items: Physics items like crates and barrels can be moved around by the player or by blasting them with a weapon.
  • Rideable Mounts: Ranging from horses, to gargoyles, to cars and space ships there are a multitude or rideable mounts in the game. Several of them allow multiple players to ride at the same time.
  • Interactive NPCs: Non - Playing Characters (NPCs) give players clues when they’re on a quest or some other adventure. We have mastered the art and all of our NPCs speak and have facial animations.
  • AI Combatants: No game is complete without monsters, critters, and bad guys to battle right? We have them all from Aliens to Zombies!
  • Multiple Input Methods: We have added the ability to use Keyboard/Mouse, the Gamepad, and VR controllers.


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