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What is Zepeto?

ZEPETO World is where you can meet ZEPETO characters in other countries in real time!

Travel around the World to meet, chat, and follow new friends, and take photos togheter. There are many fun things you can do in each World. You won't even feel time passing when you're going through quests, and fishing!

[Creator Map] is a function that allows users to create their own custom worlds by using the map editor called 'Build it'. The "Build it" platform where you can customize your own worlds has to be done via PC or laptop.

So start placing objects in your very own Custom World to create your own special Maps and share them with other users in ZEPETO! Don't limit your self by being only a player, become a creator today!

What is a creator map?

What is the maximum capacity for each room?

The maximum number of users that can be active at the same time in a room is 16.

If you want to bring more friends to your room, try creating a watchable room by turning on watch mode.

A watchable room will allow a maximum of 60 users to look into the room and chat with other users without actually entering.

You can play in the World with for corporate/organizational internal events.

Create a room using various maps in the World, and use the invitation link to invite anyone!

However, keep in mind that the maximum occupancy in a room is 16.

If you would like to invite more users, use the watch mode to invite up to 60 users.The watchers will not be able to move around the map, but they will be able to listen in and chat with others.

Can I play the world for corporate/organizational internal events?


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