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What is Zebedee?

We make the points you earn in games matter By harnessing the power of Bitcoin, we attach real-world value to points, scores and economies in virtual worlds. Enter the Bitcoin gaming ecosystem Get the ZEBEDEE Wallet to play games with Bitcoin, send payments inside messaging apps, collect donations on your livestream and a lot more. Next-generation esports open to all No more waiting for tournaments, qualifiers, or exclusive player lists. A growing ecosystem of Bitcoin-powered games lets you jump in and earn real money whenever you want. Integrate Bitcoin into your games We built ZEBEDEE for game developers. Use our Developer Dashboard to add Bitcoin to your games in innovative ways. Make the points in your game matter by using a programmable currency with value in the real world. Advanced monetization tools for streamers Make viewers part of the show by allowing them to pay to activate special modes or powerups in real time. Or simply collect donations by flashing a QR code on your stream!

A sat (or “satoshi”) is the smallest unit of Bitcoin - like the US dollar has cents, Bitcoin has sats. Because ZEBEDEE runs on Bitcoin, we use sats in all our games, but this is simply a very small amount of Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 sats. The name comes from the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

What is Sat?

What are the limits in the ZEBEDEE wallet?

Without verifying your identity, you can send and receive up to 2,000,000 sats per month and hold up to 250,000 sats in your wallet at any time. Once you’ve verified your identity, the limits increase to 25,000,000 sats volume per month and 2,000,000 sats maximum balance in your wallet. As both ZEBEDEE and the Bitcoin Lightning Network grow, these limits will increase.

More Bitcoin-powered games are popping up every day! If you’re into casual mobile games, check out Sarutobi (here for iOS) For a Mario Kart-style experience with unique Bitcoin mechanics, try Bitcoin Rally If you’re into more serious gaming, try playing CS:GO for Bitcoin

What games can I play with Bitcoin?

How is it possible to earn Bitcoin for free?

We work with other companies and sponsors to provide the sats inside games. That’s why we’re able to hand out Bitcoin through games without asking for anything in return. We are also investigating other business models, but for now the free sats are provided by sponsors and brands who believe in what we’re building.


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