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Goal of Victoria VR

Their vision is for you to be able to materialize your craziest ideas or most secret wishes and enable you to experience your greatest life desires. You can share everything with everyone. Their goal is to give you unlimited possibilities (when working, creating, discovering, and trading). Thanks to their long, revolutionary, clandestine development and the combination of freshly emerging technologies, a perfect team and great strong strategic partners, they are able to offer to users Massively Multiplayer Online Open World Game With Realistic Textures in Virtual Reality.

The world of VICTORIA VR will provide users with the best in Virtual Reality and is designed in such a way that the users will enjoy every moment and keep coming back. At the same time, the VICTORIA VR World is designed from the ground up so that users can create this world themselves and so that it can exist and live even without its creators. All creators, and active users are regularly and fairly rewarded for their work, votes, reviews, completing Quests, staking VR Tokens, and also with random real airdrops.

Thanks to a competitive nature, the whole community is motivated to create the most appealing, entertaining or desirable content, games, applications, or lectures for the community as quickly as possible. Their goal is to educate and convert the gaming community to cryptocurrencies by showing crypto’s advantages. They want them to fall in love with crypto as much as they do. Moreover, they want to give the opportunity to other quality projects so they can present themselves here. Thanks to the registration of all assets that were received in the game and directly created by the users on the blockchain, the VR world is fully owned by users and the community, which also creates the rules for the whole community, since the whole world of VICTORIA VR is DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The whole VICTORIA VR world is designed according to the 5 elements of Feng Shui.

The entire VICTORIA VR Economy is mathematically designed to be very interesting for everybody while motivating the experienced users to create and the newcomers to play, explore and discover. As a result, the world of VICTORIA VR will continue to grow rapidly, which in turn will be good for all the current users and the entire community. At the same time, everything is mathematically designed so that the wealth/fuel of VICTORIA VR never runs out and the rewards and motivation for players and creators never ends! In VICTORIA VR, the main currency is the VR Token.

There are also VR Lands where you can build something new, resources (5 elements) that are needed for construction (each object used to build requires certain resources) and items that you can buy, find, win or create yourself! At the same time, there are XPs (experiences gained by completing Quests), which the players need to complete other Quests. Users who do not care about Quests are free to enjoy the beauties of the VICTORIA VR Open World for discoveries, shopping or entertainment, such as user-built projects, NFT markets, games, competitions, lectures, presentations, showrooms, museums, streams, schools, courses, concerts and other social events.

Motivational Economics of VICTORIA VR

Victoria VR Tokens

Victoria VR Tokens (hereinafter referred to as VR) are ERC20 tokens and the main currency in VICTORIA VR. This is the first time ever users can “mine” tokens with their activity in Virtual Reality! For VR, users will be able to buy:
● VR Lands, Resources, Subjects, Clothing, Tickets, Courses (lessons), Documents, Art, Keys. The users will be able to get VR by:
● Buying: During Token Sale, on the Exchange.
● Trading: In the TheBigMarket VR.
● “Mining”: For completing the Quests, for exploring the World, in REAL Airdrops, and in Competitions.
● Staking: Golden Tickets Staking, and Dynamic Staking.

VRs are pre-mined, and their amount is predetermined. VRs have two main parts:
1. VR´s Golden Tickets: In Token Sale.
2. VR´s Rewards Pool: After the launch of the VR World, the Rewards Pool will start to produce VR GAS, which will be mined by the user´s activity. The users will be rewarded according to their activity and when using staking

Quests are one of the most important parts of the VR World. Completing them is productive and fun for users by offering completely different and revolutionary possibilities of interaction and transmission of information. Thanks to Quests, users get rich and gain various very rare rewards (in effect, they mine the rewards of the World), which forces them to keep coming back so that they don't miss out on a number of opportunities. For example, Quests will be limited in time or the amount of successful players. Thanks to Quests, users will also be discovering new possibilities by learning about the benefits of VICTORIA VR and Virtual Reality in general. This is all achieved through exploring new places in the virtual world (both the places built by us and directly by the users thanks to the Revolutionary Algorithmic Quest Creation) or discovering new technologies or opportunities in the real world or other parallel worlds (here, companies or crypto projects will be able to present their project or events).

1. Prepared Quest: Quests prepared to show the beauty of the World of VICTORIA VR and aimed at discovering the possibilities of all users’ abilities and possibilities in this World and in Virtual Reality in general.

2. Edu Quest: Quests designed to entertainingly educate users about crypto currencies, blockchain, De-Fi and related subjects. Thanks to complete virtualization, information is transmitted at a completely different level. These changes beautifully illustrate how blockchain, side chain, mining, staking, smart contract, swap, pool, yield farming, flash loans, NFTs and other technologies work. We want to show and teach crypto to the entire gaming community by educating users how to handle, use and get rich thanks to it. Here we give our partners the opportunity to present their projects in a beneficial way.
3. Algorithmic Quest/Algorithmically Generated Quest: These Quests can be created by anyone who creates a completed project on their VR Land. These Quest will guide users to newly created locations so that the creators can introduce themselves, present their presentation, or just show off.
4. Rare Quest: Story Quests are featured once a week and only available for a week. The rewards are Rare Items (NFTs) and VR Tokens.
5. Epic Quest: Story Quests, once a month and always available only for one random day – the rewards are Epic Items (NFTs), Badges and VR Tokens.
6. Legendary Quest: Story Quests designed for the most ambitious adventurers, Treasure and Easter Egg hunters, who will have to complete very challenging tasks to get to the most precious treasure. The number of Winners is limited in advance – the rewards are Legendary Items (NFTs), Badges and VR Tokens



Is there a roadmap of Victoria VR ?

For sure! You can check it here : Victoria VR Whitepaper


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