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What is United Metaverse Nation?

The United Metaverse Nation is the first decentralized autonomous organization DAO that acts as a virtual country. The UMN is a member-owned nation without centralized leadership. All activities, such as governance laws and monetary policies, are transparent and fully public. Each citizen needs an ERC-721 passport to exercise their rights. The UMN is releasing a collection of 11,111 unique 3D passports as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can mint a random UMN passport directly from our website for 0.1 ETH plus gas. You are limited to ten passports per transaction. They will then be available on OpenSea for secondary market sales. The more passports you hold, the more citizen rights you will have. Anyone who has ten passports will automatically be granted a seat in the presidential council.

How can i become a citizen of the first united multiverse nation?

What are the monetary policies of the United Metaverse Nation?

25% of the amount raised during the drop will be allocated to it buying land in Decentraland, Sandbox or Cryptovoxels (based on citizens votes) within the first four weeks of the initial mint event. 25% of the secondary market sales will be used to keep developing 3D virtual venues within the metaverses currently available.

We wish we could open the door to our nation now; however, our vision requires us to buy the most premium land available in the metaverse so that our nation is as prosperous as possible. We are ready to prove our commitment by being transparent about the money raised during the mint event and the money earned from secondary market sales.

Why aren´t you buying the land before the NFT´s launch?

Is there a whitepaper?

For sure! You can check it here : United Metaverse Nation


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