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What is Tafi Avatar?

Tafi’s mission is to make personalized avatars and branded digital content available to everyone who wants to level-up their digital personality. Partnering with mobile phone platforms and software applications, Tafi puts its world-class avatar content engine at your fingertips.

A PC version and Quest version of your avatar are exported to your account every time you “Upload to VRChat” in the Avatar Creator. Depending on what system you or others are using the appropriate version of your avatar will be displayed - you shouldn’t have to do anything but design, export and spin up VRChat. After some handshakes between some servers happen your freshly minted avatar can be found in the "Avatar" menu inside VRChat in the "Other" row

Where is my Avatar?

Why can't people see my Quest Avatar?

In some instances users have their “Safety/Performance Options” settings set to hide avatars of that don’t hit a certain “Minimum” performance threshold. Tafi avatars performance will vary depending on the complexity of your avatar design but in most cases should fall in the “Good” to “Medium” level . If your friends adjust their performance settings in the "Social" tab to allow for "Medium" avatars you should be all set

That would be really cool wouldn’t it?! Join our Discord and tell us more on what you have in mind here, we’re really interested in the community's thoughts with this one.

How do I put my own Avatar Content into the App?

Everyone thinks I’m now an ace 3D avatar creator and I really don’t want to tell them the truth. Doe

No, not at all. But when you are feeling a bit more magnanimous - we recommend sharing the app and letting them know the source of your powers. maketafi.com/vrchat


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