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What is Synergy of Serra?

Synergy of Serra is a digital deck-building Trading Card Game that uses blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Experience a glorious mash-up of traditional Trading Card Game style battles with in-game deck-building mechanics. Synergy of Serra is a game first and foremost, not an investment vehicle, and a game that is still in development

1.Merges the best of Collectable Card Games (CCGs) and deck-building games. 2.Play for free with the Starter Set and free versions of the Base Set cards. 3.Skill-to-Win, Play-to-Earn: innovative game mechanics reduce pay-to-win and level the playing field. 4.Blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) mean ownership, transparency and trust. 5.There are no fees on Serra: say goodbye to annoying gas fees.

Why play Synergy of Serra?

Why pay for cards or crates?

The first important difference is that the free cards are not NFTs (read about NFTs here). The free cards will be permanently attached to your account so you will never be able to use them outside the official Synergy of Serra game, nor will you be able to transfer them out of your account or trade and sell them. The cards you buy through the crates, the Marketplace or other secondary markets are NFTs and this offers you all the options that NFTs would normally give you such as: selling and trading them; having true digital ownership of them; and displaying and utilizing them outside the official game. In this way you can confidently build your collection of Synergy of Serra cards in the same way that you would build a collection of physical cards from traditional Collectable Card Games.

To support our community we enable early adopters to lock their crates by sending them to the Arena Domes of Serra. Through the presence of your good will you will earn Alpha Fame. The population of Serra is limited, meaning a total of 10,000,000 Alpha Fame is distributed per week. This Fame is divided between all supporters of Serra according to their presence per week. The more crates you have deposited and sent to the Arena Domes, the more Fame you will earn.

What is Alpha Fame?

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