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What is Step Hero?

Step Hero Multiverse is the one-stop shop for P2E gamers, which brings you extraordinary gaming experiences & lucrative earning opportunities.

We provide an NFT gaming ecosystem with HERO Game Hub, which gathers a series of attractive blockchain games with accompanying features such as NFT marketplace, NFT farming, Summon Gate, NFT lending (coming soon).

The entire ecosystem operates with a unified P2E economy centered on $STEP and $HERO tokens. These are the two main tokens used in the ecosystem as payment and reward currencies. All games in Step Hero Multiverse use the same native token ($HERO) and in-game token ($STEP).

Our vision is to become an ecosystem with millions of users benefiting and monetizing it every day.

Our mission is to bring sustainable earning opportunities for those who love NFT gaming and through that, popularize the application of blockchain technology.

$HERO tokens can be staked and farmed with reward points, which can be earned daily based on the number of $HERO tokens that you have staked before.

Earning rate:

  • 1 point/$HERO/day

  • Max 5000 $HERO/wallet

For now, you will be able to stake common to rare heroes.

You can claim the desired NFT when the enough quantity of Step Hero is earned.

Hero Farming

$STEP Token


Listing Info

  • TGE: 14:30 on September 22nd, 2021 (UTC)

  • Platform: PancakeSwap

  • Listing price: 1 $STEP = $0.05

  • Contract Address: TBA


Use Cases

  • Summon New Heroes: Pay both $STEP and $HERO to perform the Summon Ritual to get a new HERO NFT.

  • In-game Transactions: $STEP is used to open Equipment Chests, upgrade Star Ranks, and buy in-game items.

  • In-game Rewards: $STEP is used to reward users when winning battles and completing in-game missions.

  • Bounty Hunting rewards: Stake NFTs in Bounty Hunting and earn $STEP in rewards. Learn more.



    User Generated Token

    $STEP tokens are emitted regularly to reward user's activities

  • Staking NFTs in Bounty Hunting

  • Winning PvE/PvP battles

  • Completing in-game missions

As an user, you can earn in several ways, such as:

  • Earning award prizes when winning in Player versus Player (PvP) battles.
  • Selling in-game items such as healing potions, power-impulse-potions, and self-crafted weapons on the marketplace for money.
  • Upgrading characters and trading them later. The more unique and powerful their characters are, the more profit users earn.
  • Hunting for $STEP tokens with Bounty Hunting feature: https://market.stephero.io/hunting
  • Get new Hero NFT with Summon Gate: https://market.stephero.io/summon

Right now, how can I make money with Step Hero P2E Multiverse?



IceTea Labs - Investor & Strategic Partner

Founded in September 2019, Icetea Labs is a trusted incubator of blockchain businesses that primarily nurtures projects on the Polkadot network.

As one of our early investors and strategic partners, Icetea Labs will finance and assist our projects in capital raising and brand awareness building by connecting us with their extensive network of strategic partners. Furthermore, Icetea Labs will advise us on our journey from strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, product development to implementation.


TribeOne - Strategic Partner

TribeOne is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. TribeOne is an NFT, lending, borrowing, saving, and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience; to the users through its innovative consumer-centric products.

TribeOne NFT marketplace will display Step Hero’s NFT collectibles and offer them to their current and future users. In addition, TribeOne will offer their lending services to Step Hero users.


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