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The Starl Metaverse is currently the only truly decentralized metaverse project, seeking to merge the concept of the metaverse with a cryptocurrency-based economy







Is Starl a game?

Some may think of it like a game, but this all depends on how you use it. A game, by definition, might be anything that you engage in for fun and entertainment. If you enjoy exploring and interacting with Starl, then it can certainly be thought of and played like a game!

This is a big question, as the possibilities are only limited by imagination. You will be able to buy and sell virtual real estate, purchase satellites to use or rent to others, create, sell, and buy NFTs, customize an avatar, interact with other real people, explore, gamble, deliver and listen to educational sessions, play games, and much, MUCH more.

What can i do in the Starl metaverse?

Can i make money in the metaverse?

Absolutely. The Starl token will be used as the currency for transactions in the metaverse, allowing users to purchase their own slice of the space station, satellites that they can monetize through advertising, buying and selling NFTs, trading items to customize avatars and space, trading services, and many other things, all in an interconnected and dynamic economy within the Starl ecosystem. Starl can of course also be traded for other digital cryptocurrencies or fiat.

The Starl Metaverse is being developed by Woof Decentra and Moe Larson, as well as a dynamic team of 3D artists and programmers. Woof Decentra is the well respected developer behind the Shiba Inu related token, Leash, with Starl being a new venture into the world of the metaverse. Moe has been investing in and developing cryptocurrency projects for a decade, almost unmatched in experience and ability when it comes to directing, managing, and enhancing crypto related projects. Together they make a formidable team, with a community of like-minded and supportive individuals behind them who have full confidence and enthusiasm for the Starl vision.

Who is developing this?

Does Starlink have a roadmap? How can i help more ?

The answer is YES. You can check the roadmap here : https://www.starltoken.com/whitepaper.pdf

Being fully decentralized, the STARL Metaverse is going to require effort and resources to get where we expect it to be. If you feel like helping us with donations you can send them at this address 0x5Bb2d4DCC82983d8EA7E5Bf114D9769A21e2DD67. We Accept Any ERC20 Token, but preferred are $ETH, $USDC, $USDT.


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