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What is Sportium?

Sportium is a multi-faceted sports NFT platform with the goal of bringing traditional sports to the Metaverse.

Using the platform, various sports and pro leagues can easily enter the crypto sphere and create fan communities built around officially licensed intellectual property (IP).

Each sport or league can be implemented as a customized decentralized application (DApp) in the Sportium ecosystem. Users can collect, trade, play, and earn through Sportium DApps.

The inaugural DApp in the Sportium ecosystem is ELVN. ELVN is officially endorsed and licensed by K League, the top professional soccer league in Korea.

Users can purchase card packs and open them to reveal Moment NFTs, which are highlight clips from K League matches. They can trade their moment NFTs on the integrated marketplace. Users can further accumulate collection points by purchasing their favorite moment NFTs or packs, leading to additional benefits on the platform.

ELVN is under development. We’ll be putting out weekly updates showing our progress.

We will be launching a profile picture NFT collection named Spottie.

Since Sportium as a platform embraces various sports and leagues, Spottie NFTs will be usable across all Sportium DApps .

We’ll be releasing mint details very soon and how you can get whitelisted for the drop.

Spottie NFTs

What is the vision of Sportium?

Sportium aims to be an integrated sports NFT platform that supports an NFT implementation environment for every sport and league. In terms of how to enjoy sports, Sportium will keep adding new features and leading the way to “Enjoy sports the NFT way!”

In terms of expansion, Sportium has two main areas of focus: IP and features.


So far, we have secured the IPs of four Korean pro sports leagues: K League, KPBAA, KOVO, and KBL. These are the main leagues for soccer, baseball, volleyball, and basketball.

On a quarterly basis, we’ll be launching 3 other sports DApps beyond ELVN. We’re interested in all kinds of sports and groups regardless of where in the world they are. Because Sportium aims to be an integrated sports NFT platform, all sports IP could be implemented as a DApp on Sportium.

And this is where Sportium is heading.


NFTs on Sportium including ELVN moments will be mintable on the platform and trade on the integrated marketplace.

ELVN offers card packs and NFT trading by default. To add additional depth, we plan to add P2E features with gamification factors such as Loot boxes to get higher tier cards.

In the future, OTT features will be delivered such as Live Streaming NFT Auction and Live Sports Betting. ELVN will integrate every way to enjoy sports into one seamless exprerience. This is the vision of ELVN.

Sportium is a collaboration between two companies.

First is Blueberry NFT, a listed company in Korea providing official IPs for Sports and domestic Business development and marketing. For the last few years, Blueberry NFT has built teams with experts in business development, games, and the blockchain industry. Blueberry NFT has been actively engaged in acquiring various sports IPs which led to agreements with Korea’s major sports leagues (soccer, basketball, and volleyball). Blueberry NFT also acquired IPs from entertainment and arts. Blueberry NFT’s ultimate goal is to enhance the value of Intellectual Property held by our Partners have and maximize revenues by providing high-quality content that users around the world can enjoy.

Second is Alpha DAO, a builder organization that develops web3 products. Alphaworks is the NFT studio of Alpha DAO. Currently, we are working on NFT projects in several fields. By creating innovative NFT projects, we are trying to make an impact on the crypto market and continuing to raise the bar. We have an avid interest in sports products, content-based products, and the creator economy. Our CEO is has extensive blockchain experience, and we have a CPO who has made software cards in the fintech industry. In particular, key members have worked together as co-founders, general managers, and senior developers at Terra, EA, Riot, Hyperconnect, CHAI, and Hyperithm.

Who is working on Sportium?

Who are Sportium’s ecosystem partners?

  • Impossible Finance is our valued partner and is supporting Sportium’s first token sale. They have helped us to build our community by arranging some events including an AMA that connected Sportium with the Impossible Finance community. For more details about upcoming campaigns, follow Sportium and Impossible on Twitter.

  • We are yet to disclose which blockchain Sportium will deploy on. Discussions are ongoing with various DeFi ecosystems and we’ll be making an announcement soon!


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