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We are a collectible trading card game on the HIVE blockchain. Join the fight and get SPS as a reward






Investment risk


Long-term expectations



You can start by paying only $10

It is a video game that does not require a lot of time since you can skip each game

Splinterlands lends you a set of cards with which you can get started


The game ends up being boring because of the almost "automatic" gameplay

The daily reward is 1 chest. Before, you could access 5 daily chests by buying potions. This option is still available but has been significantly increased to 7500 DEC

The cards feature basic designs compared to other competitors such as Gods Unchained

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SPLINTERLANDS TOKEN (Splintershards ( SPS ))





What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (SPS) is a multiplayer collectible card game with a design that will make you think of a symbiosis between Pokémon card games and World of Warcraft characters. The game has a developed narrative based on a mystical world. Built on Hive Blockchain to offer fast transactions and full transparency. Enter the game, conquer a world or solve quests.

From our own experience playing Splinterlands we can say that the mechanics are totally monotonous besides allowing you to "skip the game" to know instantly if you have won or lost, subtracting strategy to the game, since it does not allow you to perform different strategies in the game because you previously select the positions of your deck and everything is executed automatically.

Is Splinterlands funny?

Is it economically worthwhile?

It happens a bit like in many video games. Those who enter first, are the ones who win the most and the chances are significantly reduced if you have entered much later. Currently it takes an investment of about 300/700 dollars to have a decent deck of cards with which to move up in ranks and opt for better rewards. In addition the card sets are out of stock so you can only buy cards in the players market, where the prices of each card in a decent quality are quite high. Moreover, the APR % decreases remarkably day after day due to the increasing fame that this kind of P2Earn games are gaining and soon it will not be even more interesting to access to earn money passively, so the earnings should be based on your cards, their resale or tournaments that you can access through your deck power.

They are a token that can be exchanged for some in-game items, and can even be traded in our Steem-Engine or TRON wallets. These DECs are earned through victories in battles and when we burn cards, another novelty of burning cards. We simply destroy them and in the process we gain a few DEC, for each common card we gain 15 DEC, but if it is rare it is 60 DEC, if it is Epic it is 300 DEC and it goes up to 1500 DEC for a legendary card

What are Dark Energy Crystals?

Does Splinterlands have a roadmap?

The answer is yes. You can check it by clicking here : https://docs.splinterlands.com/timeline/roadmap


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Investment Risk


Long-Term expectations


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