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Sorare is a game in which players buy, sell, trade and manage their virtual team using real digital player cards






Investment risk


Long-term expectations



ETH rewards can be earned

The global div 4 league is a great way to get started for rewards

Some players can be sold for a fortune


It is a very pyramidal system

In the beginning, through the referral program both users got a limited value card. This card is now worthless, the reward has decreased significantly

Getting a top player is very complicated. The secondary market is a big problem when it comes to acquiring soccer goalkeepers and it is difficult to find buyers

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What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game where you can buy, trade, and play with digital cards. Every card is an official digital collectible, certified by a club or league. Sorare’s are non-fungible tokens, based on the Ethereum blockchain. Every card has its level of scarcity and uniqueness; the three levels are Rare, Super Rare and Unique. Each season the Superare team defines the level of supply of each player card so that everyone knows how scarce your card is, relative to the total supply of cards in circulation. Players can collect the football cards, trade them on the market, and participate in different gaming activities. Every Sorare card can be used to play in fantasy football tournaments on the platform. There are currently five-a-side games available. Sorare sells the player cards in packs, or you can purchase individual cards on the market with Ethereum or cash. In the tournaments, Sorare also rewards winners with additional cards and Ethereum payouts.

Although you may already have an idea of how Sorare works, there is always a question we ask ourselves when money is involved in a game. Is it safe? Is it not a scam? You can breathe easy, we are facing a legal business and with a wide support of highly reputable entities, such as Ubisoft, e.ventures, Consensis, Partech and even the FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué

How does Sorare work and is it safe?

How much are they worth?

The price you want to pay for them. It is as simple as that. In the auction the starting point for Rares is 0.005 ETH (about 5€ at January 2021 exchange rate), 0.048 ETH (about 56€) for Very Rares and 0.478 ETH (about 560€) for Uniques. These prices may vary over time. In the transfer market, it is the user who sets the price when putting it up for sale. Be aware of suspiciously cheap players (they are usually injured or warming up the bench). When you create your account, your wallet is automatically created, where the balance of Ether (ETH) that you have recharged or earned will be stored. Topping up can be done from another ETH wallet, an exchange or with your credit card.

The mechanism for assigning points is complex, but in summary it can be divided into: Decisive score, Overall score and Bonuses. Decisive score The player starts with 35 points that will go up with the positive impacts or down with the negative ones. Positive impact: goal, assist, forced penalty, clearance on the goal line, clean sheet (goalkeepers only), saved penalty and last man entry (avoiding a clear goal scoring chance). Negative impact: red card, own goal, penalty kick, missed clear goalscoring opportunity, conceding 3 or more goals (goalkeeper only). Overall score A list of 39 game actions that add or subtract less than the decisive one. Bonus They are cumulative. 5% if the card is from the current season 20% for the designated captain Level bonus (maximum 50%) : depends on the level of the card (experience and shortage)

How do you rate the players?

Is there a roadmap?


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Investment Risk


Long-Term expectations


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