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What is Solamids?


Pyramid with 21 floors and 4914 unique apartments (Solamids) which vary depending on the rarity system of the Solamids collection. All of this is going to be implemented in a Metaverse which will enable Solamid owners unprecedent possibilities of monetization like renting or upgrading their property. Buy, own, rent & earn. Welcome to Solamids.


Seed Phase

  • concept finalisation
  • website release
  • rarity sheet release
  • closing a deal with a Metaverse builder to implement the Pyramid in their Metaverse
  • partnerships with reputable NFT collections

Mint Phase:

  • promotion
  • mint
  • listing on marketplaces

Development Phase:

  • partnerships with other reputable NFT collections
  • mutual Pyramid development with Metaverse builders

Prosperity Phase:

  • Pyramid with all of its Solamids placed in a Metaverse
  • Solamids open for monetization
  • Solamid proprietors voting



Solamids have formed a groundbreaking deal with a Metaverse builder (to be announced) that will allow placing the Pyramid (with all of its Solamids) to a single parcel in the newly-emerging virtual world. This will allow all Solamid owners to own a property in the virtual world and participate in the economy with all possible perks. Owners will be able to monetize their Solamid (rent, upgrade, remodel it into something else) and further profit from emerging collaborations. Be part of the change. Own a Solamid.

Solamids rarity system uses 24 attributes with a wide variety of values. Every single attribute value has been visualized so there is a 1:1 relation between the Solamid image and Solamid attributes. The rarity system allows 166,687,254,513,561,600 of unique Solamids - what a shame the Solamids project uses only 4,914 of them. The rarity system is described in detail in its own document.

21 Partners

There are 21 floors in the Pyramid and each floor has been assigned a unique partner. Only trustworthy NFT collections and projects from NFT space are eligible to become partners and the Solamids project has established partnerships with 21 of them! Partners are given a 50% share of the royalties collected from the resale of Solamid on their floor which should motivate partners to spread the good word about the Solamids project and to grow our community.

Rarity System

Proprietors Driven DAO

Every building needs to be managed and the Pyramid is no different. By holding 5 or more Solamids, the owner gets a Solamids Proprietor role, which is an entrance ticket to a restricted space of devs and other proprietors. In this space, proprietors propose and directly influence the next steps of the Solamids project.


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