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What is Rise City?

RiseCity is a passive game in which you will not have to do anything other than claim once you have the buildings.

At first your priority will be to build them, for this you will need materials that will appear on the map every day.

A total of 18 materials you can purchase per day, 6 of each: wood, iron and stone. When you have the houses ready you can inhabit them with villagers to increase their productivity.

The reward will be associated with an oracle tool from the first moment. This means that the earnings will be fixed in dollars

At RiseCity we have a very interesting construction system.

When you have collected all the materials you can build a house. There are 3 types of houses, small, medium and large

Items required

  • Tiny houses require tier 1 items.

  • Medium houses require tier 2 items.

  • Large houses need tier 3 items.


  • The total number of objects that a small house requires is: 18

  • The total number of objects that a medium-sized house requires is: 36

  • The total number of objects that a large house requires is: 81



    Construction Time

    The houses have different construction times according to the tier of the house.

  • R1 = Tier 1 = 5 minutes

  • R2 = Tier 2 = 15 minutes

  • R3 = Tier 3 = 40 minutes



    Upgrade Your House

    When you click on upgrade your house, you increase the number of villagers in your house.

    (Make sure that your house does not have a claim, because it will be lost)

    By default houses come with 1 villager.

    You have two options:

  • 1. Upgrade with Coins
  • 2. Upgrade with Materials


The price changes according to the rarity of the house.

  • Tier 1 = 36$

  • Tier 2 = 76$

  • Tier 3 = 162$


Claim Rewards


All houses have a percentage bar according to the amount of money generated per day.

To claim your rewards, you need the bar to be at a minimum of 30%.

The bar fully recharges every 24 hours.

RiseCity has two currencies for users to interact with:

  1. 1.

    RSC (Rise City Token): Cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

  2. 2.

    Coins : In-game token



RiseCity Cryptocurrency (RSC) is a token that uses the Binance Smart Chain technology (BEP-20).

This token is limited by a maximum quantity of 25 million tokens (25,000,000) being able to mint more if necessary.

The distribution is as follows:

Token Distribution

Token Supply

Total Supply

In-Game Rewards









Private and Public sale



The marketing and dev wallet will be unlocked and you can withdraw what is necessary in specific cases to pay both partners and to help the development of the game. A withdrawal will always be made with extreme responsibility and without affecting the economy of the game.

The rewards wallet is blocked at 50% for 1 month temporarily until calculating the necessary tokens to leave in the game.

Marketing Wallet: 0x7Fc95110fb656AdfDceCaAE00cc5A0d8484B8751

This wallet will be used to pay for all marketing and any transaction made from there will be solely for that.

Dev Wallet: 0x91FeCab22b47959f1a68111b35cFE643F05Ca8c7

It will be used for game development and developers.

Main Reward Wallet: 0xF3944Afa8C2F7C837aCb9A1240DD7cF5c16805D9

Secondary Reward Wallets (The burden of rewards is shared in case the network is congested):

  1. 1.


  2. 2.


  3. 3.


  4. 4.


  5. 5.


All these wallets will be used to give the rewards when someone withdraws Coins from within the game.


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