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Portals is a browser metaverse that started in 2021. Focused on a dense, urban center and a frictionless user experience. Portals is an immersive social space where you can explore and meet other people.


What is Portals?

It is a browser-based metaverse born in 2021. With simple drag-and-drop building tools and integrated communication functions, it makes it easy to customize immersive virtual spaces, residences, offices, storefronts, mini-games in a metropolitan downtown area. Building a dense, virtual Neo-Tokyo or New York, where people can explore a single city block with hundreds of fun things to do.

City planning and real estate are executed in an urban center for everyone to explore. We want to build a community of builders and players.


The following is the Portals road map

Phase One — Demo & Hackathon Period (September-November):
- Preview Demo DONE
- Off-grid hang outs (multiplayer) DONE
- Connect wallet + display NFTs in your room DONE
- Arrange furniture DONE
- Voice / Text chat DONE
- Watch YouTube in room DONE
- Camera Mode DONE
- Solana Hackathon Ignition We got 2nd place in Gaming category!
- Solana Breakpoint Conference Met new amazing partners and people!

Phase Two — NFT Launch Period (November-December):
- Portals NFT Contest 1+2 DONE
- The Bronze Key Hunt Contest DONE/LIVE NOW
- Room ownership/permissions
- Room permissions based on the NFT ownership
- More NFT integrations
- Community partnerships (Confirmed with some of the biggest projects and brands on Solana)
- NFT Launch (November 26)

Phase Three — Expanding Portals + New Adventures (December-”Forever”)
- Walk around downtown (or take a Portal) to explore all the amazing partnerships, experiences, games, and more that we are building.
- The Bronze Key Hunt is a sneak peek of what’s possible within Portals.
- See the Audius and GenesysGo collaborations as examples of what’s coming downtown.
- See the below videos for more information on the future roadmap and plans.



The team's current priority is density and activity in addition to great experiences. Therefore, they will start with selling NFT space and building the community. Portals NFT holders benefit from any future token or land sales. We also have advisors with great experience related to the metaverse, not just games. We are raising funds from NFT sales and this will allow us to hire more people and work with some of the best consultants in the world.

Yes, there are 3 types of cards

1. Vision, the rarest
2. Onyx
3. Ivory

All the rooms have a lot of space, but the rare ones have more space to build. The idea behind is to have spaces where people can integrate communities, big galleries and make DAO meetings.

Is there Rarity/Differences in the NFTs?


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