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Plutonians is a space role-playing video game with NFT and SPL tokens.


What is Plutonians?

Plutonians is the metaverse of UA Fabrica games division. It is a virtual reality MMORPG-NFT in the metaverse on the Solana chain. Foundational with user editable levels, content and story, with storytelling brought to mastery and the most talented artists and developers.

It uses a combo of WEBXR and UE5, being able to bring Plutonians to multiple screens, AR, web and mobile VR. There are also NFT's with which you can intermcabios in different marketplaces and social spaces of the metaverse. Hybrid mixture of Escape Velocity, Homeworld and other role playing games. Classic shooter action with strategy, cooperation, collecting and construction.

1. Level editor to allow freedom of development and open source code.
2. Story editor that players can manage and edit every day.
3. Ship and component editor with a customizable NFT system.
4. Ships with game pieces
5. Elaborate and evolvable ship items, armament and technology.
6. Real time space travel, change of exploration and destination of other worlds that require strategy. 
7. Free content created by the community users to continue missions beyond the main package.
8. Free expansions through token burning.
9. Economy, internal trading systems and markets including NFT, in-game performance farms and loans.
10. Humor and memes

Plutonians Features


The platform has partners such as : 

Star Launch
Blokpad by Bloktopia


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