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What is Plant vs Undead?

Plants vs Undead (PVU) is a web-based game set in a world called Planet Plants. The story tells us that Planet Plants was a harmonious place for animals and plants. However, everything changed when a strange disease hit the planet from meteorites, which ended up turning the planet's animals into Undead. However, hope is not lost, as the new generation of plants inherits elements of nature and special traits, so that they are now able to face the Undead and protect their home, especially the home of Mother Tree. The new seeds can now give you plants from the most common to the rarest, which you can join to protect your world. The game has a free dynamic in which you can manage 1 mother tree and 6 basic plants (these plants are not NFT), which can be upgraded as you progress in the game. The rewards you receive in the game can be used to buy new seeds/plants in the market, and thus improve your set of plants to fight the Undead. PVU is a web-only game at the moment, however, the development team is working on a graphical version for both Windows and Android, which will allow for a better gaming experience.

In its early days Plants vs Undead had a Free-to-Play (F2P) game mode, however, that mode no longer exists. The only inexpensive way to enter PVU is through gardeners where the initial investment is about 5 PVU ($55 approximately at the time of writing this article).

Is it possible to earn money in Plants vs Undead without investing?

What is the reward for taking care of our plants in Plant vs Undead?

When we complete the mission to maintain our plants with two waterings every 24 hours and chase away the crows that perch on them, the game rewards us with 50 LE plus a surprise box. In this box we can win different rewards randomly, such as a water and scarecrow pack, a Sunflower Mama or Sunflower Sapling, large or small pots and there is also a small percentage chance of winning a seed for a tree grower.

Within the game there are 4 weather seasons that last one week each and more than 20 weather cycles that affect in some way the productivity of the plant. These events have a duration of 24 hours and the rule says that an event will not be repeated before 48 hours after its last cycle. These events have been created to give a different dynamic to the game, for example there are events that increase the LE productivity of the plants in a random percentage, for example, during a 24 hour weather event, all the plants within the game will increase their productivity by 30%, after 24 hours, the productivity of the plants will return to their normal LE production.

What are the meteorological aspects that we must take into account for our plants?

Does Plant vs Undead have a roadmap?

Yes. You can check it here : https://plantvsundead.com/assets/Whitepaper.pdf .


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