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Next Earth leverages the surface of the Earth as a starting point for the project, having sold over 400,000 virtual land NFTs since August 2021. Virtual landowners become active participants in the Next Earth economy, where they will have the ability to run businesses, participate in the DAO governing the Metaverse







What is Next Earth metaverse?

There will be hundreds of different metaverses in the future, and digital businesses will be present on all these platforms. Next Earth is amongst the early movers. By putting a grid system on an exact copy of Earth, they will have the advantage of controlling all known real-world locations. The global scale of our planet will guarantee the largest territorial coverage when compared to other metaverse platforms. Their goal is to become the #1 metaverse for businesses by creating the largest Digital/VR sales, marketing, and service platform.

Their team is fully capable of completing this process in the most effective way possible. All Next Earth’s co-owners are experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records, along with IT/startup/business dev/management/sales/marketing experience and focus. All of them are at their most productive life stage (30-42) for doing something that is out of this world. They are all addicted to the blockchain ecosystem. Everyone of them is delegating all our personal time and energy to this project. Their team is amazing, motivated, and professional. Right now (2021.05.15) 20 people are already working as the core team on this project night and day, but they can easily expand to hundreds of employees if needed. They have already invested a vast amount of time, energy, and money in order to present the best to the users and the community. Our commitment is to make an impact on the world. The time is now, and we are all set!

Meet the team here : Next Earth Team

What about the team?

What about tokens?

Buy tokens as soon as they are introduced

Next Earth tokens will be introduced with the IDO. These tokens will be backing the Next Earth ecosystem, along with every transaction in it. All the features will only be available with the use of these tokens after their introduction.

  • Purchasing Next Earth tokens during the IDO. This gives the best chance to collect these assets at the lowest price, since the initial Dex Offering will be served at a high discount. As IDOs will be conducted at multiple third-party platforms, though we cannot guarantee the allocation, as can we do when purchasing land.
  • There will be a few days, when the tokens will be available for trading after the IDO, but before they get implemented to back the Next Earth ecosystem. So if somebody was not able to receive their desired amount during the IDO, or missed out on the offer, within these few days there will be an opportunity to do so.
  • You can still purchase Next Earth tokens later too. Of course, we predict that it will be possible to do so, only at a higher price level. We are not financial advisors, but following industry rumours, you should buy in the dip. If at anytime you see a selloff, but the business is going as usual, you'll be able to find value based on fundamentals, which is always a safety play with benefits.

Buying the best land for the best price is only possible at the beginning. But there are plenty of reasons why it's worth joining the Next Earth project even years later.

  • The benefits of buying in the beginning for the best prices are obvious. As more land is bought the price of new territories will rise.
  • Grabbing the most famous locations, can be advantageous for future valuation, and when conducting a business.
  • Grabbing economically useful territories is important for the economy building phase. The best land will yield the best resources and its owners will be able to participate in the economy building in the easiest and most effective way.
  • Only landowners will be able to stake Next Earth tokens and earn stake rewards. Technically, staking can only be done, when a user connects tokens to a given amount of land. Stakers receive stake reward after every single transaction in the Next Earth ecosystem. An amazing 20% of the value from all newly bought land will be distributed among stakers.
  • Landowners can create their own NFT collectible portfolio. These can be anything from famous opera houses to motorsport race tracks, or even the homes of famous people. There is no limit to creativity!
  • When businesses are created, and are brought to the platform, they can only enter Next Earth’s ecosystem, if they already have land on which they will operate. This means that they need to purchase land and will look for the best ones to do business on.
  • Only landowners will be able to take part in the DAO. This community governance will be making future decisions on the most important strategy and business-related issues in the Next Earth ecosystem.

Benefits of being a landowner

Can i earn rewards?

For sure ! 


You can get involved in two different ways: You can either earn money right away by referring to others. As they buy land, you'll receive commission. Or you can help us spread the word, and we will reward the time and energy you invest in us.

  • Referral code system – Every landowner on Next Earth will receive a referral code, that gives a 5% discount to buyers. Then when it's used, it gives a 5% commission after traffic generated. The more traffic you generate the higher your commission can grow.
  • Activity reward system – Anybody can join our community, just by helping us spread the word. If you back us with your time and your energy, we will be rewarding you with land, giveaways, and other interesting things!

    You can check also rewards system here : Rewards System


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